A Time of Blessing

We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures from Katelin's
"FALLing in Love" Bridal Shower.

Many of you remember Katelin and Katrina as our partners in the ministry of Maiden's Quest. We have gotten so much into fall around here that when we met a friend in Walmart recently we said "How is your fall going?" and she answered "Is it really fall already?" Oops! Well, it sure is at our house!
First, we baked up some zucchini and cranberry pecan pumpkin bread.
Of course, we couldn't eat a bite of it. (gluten) :(
The tables were set. We used every dish and bit of silverware in the house! We even got desperate and used our long forgotten baby spoons!
Here is table #1 in our breakfast room.
Table #1 with all the guests!
Table #2 in the schoolroom. (Notice we actually hid all our sewing projects somewhere. :)
Table #2 with guests. The empty seats are ours! :) We were also the kitchen staff, so
we joined them after serving the baked potato soup.
Table #3 in the dining room.
Table #3 full of very talkative young ladies!
Table #4 in the music room.
Table #4 with lively children!
Nathan and Katelin dressed for fall.
Pumpkin spice cakes.
Katelin, the glowing bride to be.
Just like old times. These girls are our ever faithful friends. The Lord is never far from their hearts and lips. We are ever thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross.
Our sweet mother and sister.
Can't you just tell how joyful and encouraging their mother is?
The world would not be the same without her and her precious relationship with the Lord.
A special time of fellowship. (Drinking hot apple cider, of course!)
When Katelin was very young, her parent's vision was that she would take the gospel of Christ to foreign lands. The Lord has answered their prayers and she will be marrying a missionary and
returning with him to his ministry in Ukraine. She told us how she feels the pain of leaving her family and friends but is excited to follow the Lord's clear direction for her life.
What would a gathering be without some words of admonition and encouragement from Tara?
She made an acronym from Katelin's name and
gave her a charm to help her remember each point.
K stands for being a keeper at home. Since we couldn't find a house, the reminder is a baby carriage. :) A reminds her to be attentive to the needs of her husband. The charm says "I do"
T stands for a teachable spirit. The red heart reminds us that this is all a matter of the heart.
E reminds her to be an energy giver. (She has all of these going for her but really has this one down!) The dolphin is a symbol of that. (You have to use what you can find, you know?)
L stands for lips that always tell the truth and the charm is a lipstick.
I reminds her to show forth the Irresistible glow of Christ. When Christ radiates from us, we take on His likeness. The charm is the sunshine. N reminds her to have no will of her own.
When God's will crosses our will, someone's will has to die. Let that be ours. The cross is a beautiful picture of surrender.
The parting gifts. I know you're going to ask so I'll tell you what's in them. :)
They either received apple butter or an autumn towel.
The shower was complete when we were all treated to an
excellent and stylish bridal fashion show complete with appropriate music.
The wonderful thing about this shower is that it took no effort at all. We hardly lifted a finger and it just all came together! (Katrina and Katelin read our blog.)
Seriously, it is such a joy to work together on a common goal and their beautiful spirits and joy in the Lord blessed us far more than we could ever bless them!
We've got to get some sleep because at 4:30 tomorrow morning we are off on another adventure.
We'll tell you all about it soon. Blessings in the Lord!


Paulina said...

How nice! I'm glad that it went so well :)

Lauren said...

What a wonderful shower! It all looked so beautiful, and, although I am missing the summer weather, the crisp fall days are a nice change too!

Mikaela said...

Beautiful! Hosting such things may be a lot of work, but it is so satisfying and rewarding, isn't it?

Best Life said...

Everything looks beautiful! Mrs. P~

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Tara's talk.
I love the charms and the scarecrows.
I know it was a blessed time. Holly

Noelle said...

Beautiful wedding shower. And the bride truly does glow with happiness! :) I loved the charms. Very encouraging to any young lady! :)

Good job, you guys!

Everything looks so lovely and I enjoyed the fall decor.
Rhonda Poteet

Keilah said...

Oh how wonderful! Congratulations Katelin!

Looks lovely! Katelin must have been so blessed!!


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