Why does everyone look so shocked?

The Lord directed us on an amazing (and sudden) trip this past week.
We seemed to surprise everyone we saw!
Or, maybe shocked would be a better word for it?
And why are these people so shocked?
Well, I'm afraid we are just too tired to explain tonight,
but we'll try to be sure to let you know tomorrow.
The Lord bless you and keep you.


Esther said...

can't wait! =)

Jaimee and Jennifer Lavin said...

Tell us soon! We're in such suspense, girls!!!
Have a very blessed day!

Best Life said...

Those pictures are so funny! Mrs. P~

Lauren said...

Thank you for teaching us the quality of patience...I'm learning it quite well!

Karen D. said...

I'm crying because I miss them (the family in the picture) SOOOOOOOOO much. Please tell them i said "hi" hope your trip is going great, and can't wait to see you (Kelly) when you get back, and Tara when she gets back in a few more weeks :)

Hannah said...

You do love to keep us in suspense like that, don't you??? :) Can't wait to hear your news!

Keilah said...

AWWW! How fun!!


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