Why Everyone Looked So Shocked

So sorry to keep you waiting but you really are a lot of fun to tease! (If you are learning patience, Lauren, we are STILL learning flexibility!) Actually, we really were tired, having flown home on an overnight flight. Anyway, here's the story! Saturday evening, Tara and I were just quietly talking and preparing for church the next morning. Suddenly, our father called us downstairs. He informed us that his parents weren't doing too well (our gramma having just had surgery and our grandfather about to have surgery) and asked us if we would be willing to go visit them for a week and do whatever we could to serve them best. (Isn't it a blessing to be available when we are needed?) He told us that he could get us on the next flight if we could be packed and out the door in 15 minutes. It sounded like a great challenge to us so we bounded for the staircase! Suddenly, the voice of reason (a.k.a. our mom) spoke up with a few objections. Make that quite a few! We stopped in our tracks and moved on to plan B.
Handling the laundry
Plan B - Our next possible flight was Monday morning, the only drawback being that we would have to leave our house at 4 am. (no traffic, however!! :) This gave us time to attend church, pack our bags and cancel all our plans for the next week. Our father informed our grandfather that we
were coming but he kept it a secret from our grandmother.
Kelly, dancing a jig with the vacuum. :) "For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!" Right?
See the quilt on the couch? Kristen and Mom made it years ago.

On the long (layover) flight to southern California, we began to dream up a plan.
Some of our dearest friends moved several months ago to southern California and we have missed them terribly. Upon checking, we found that they live just over an hour from our grandparent's house! Hmmm...Our first thought was that we should call them to arrange a visit, but upon second thought, we imagined what fun it would be to just "show up" on their doorstep!

Our grandmother was very happy and surprised to see us.
We had a wonderful week visiting, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and taking Gramma to her physical therapy sessions.
Toward the end of our visit we decided to attempt our surprise. We drove over with a little help from a GPS. However, when we arrived, no one was home. We could see our favorite little doggie barking behind the window. Oh dear,
our terrific plan began to unwind... :(
We knew they lived only 2 miles from the Pacific ocean so we discerned it was definitely the Lord's will that we should drive over and take a look! :)
In case you wonder why we show both of us,
remember we have relatives that want to see us both!
(And no polite strangers to take our picture.)
After a few minutes, we drove back to check again. (Praying all the way!)
This time we spotted their car in the driveway! Hurray!!!
What a great joy it was to see them again. Isn't the Lord good?
This is the porch on their roof! (Just like Bible times.) These Californians live a little differently!
The evenings are cool and we're sure this is a lovely place to sit.
(Wow! Wouldn't this be an amazing place to have your quiet times with the Lord.)
We fit in a few duets!
This precious Hannah is quite a character. We wish all of you knew her!
We also enjoyed snuggling with our favorite doggie.
We have missed her greatly and she seems to have missed us also.
The Lord has been good to us (as always) and has given us another interesting and productive week.
We're sure he's done the same for you.
The Lord allowed us another interesting outing during our stay which we'll tell you about next time.

Psalm 36: 7 "How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings."


Moriah said...

Looks like y'all had fun!

Oh I am so jealous you got to visit the Socolofskys! How fun!!!!!!!!!

how sweet! it's encouraging to see you being a blessing to your family... and how fun to surprise your friends!
thank you for relieving us of our suspense!!

Lauren said...

Well, I am glad that we can grow in character together, Kelly! (-;
I love last minute trips, and that one sounds like a joy!

~Miss Raquel said...

Wow! It DOES look like y'all had fun! What wonderful granddaughters. :) Your grandparents are truly blessed! So glad that you got to meet up with some friends too! It looks like you had a fun reunion! :)
~Miss Raquel

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had alot of fun! I loved looking at the pictures.:)


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