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Yesterday, we were blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Houston International Quilt Festival. With over 950 booths, it looked like we would find plenty to do to keep busy!
When we were little girls, our mother used to have to drag us here.
Now she doesn't have to drag us. In fact, we look forward to this special day all year. We developed a taste!
All set and ready to go.
We're off!
So many new ideas.
So much to learn.
Some year we hope to see everything, but we haven't quite managed it yet!
One of our favorite Christmas quilts.
Sometimes we took a break and let our little one run off her spare energy.
Can you imagine having so much energy to spare?
She enjoyed herself so much, she begged to go back the next day. But we couldn't. :( One of the joys of being a woman is using our creativity. At a festival like this you see thousands of women who are interested in using their creativity to create something beautiful possibly for themselves, their homes or others.
There was also a huge display of quilts and awards given. If you would like to see the winning quilts you can look up Then click on the ruby slippers. Then on the left in pink, click on IQA Winners. We were richly blessed with such an enjoyable day. Our only advice would be to be careful about taking a little sister with long curly hair unless you want to answer hundreds of curly hair questions while looking at quilts. Actually, it is a great conversation starter but next year we might consider the option of a bun!
Good night and God bless all of you.


Mikaela said...


What a great tradition, looks like you had a fun day.
Rhonda Poteet

Anonymous said...

Hey Tara, Kelli and Elizbeth,
We were all at the show yesterday too. This was our first year there and it was really amazing. Did you see the quilt that had the Resurrection on it? It was really beautiful.
The girls were so inspired they came home and started trying to make things with my fabric scraps. They are still at it this morning.

The Watt Family (Sagan, Sinclair)

Best Life said...

Oh yes! That whole thing is so inspiring. We enjoyed it also and look forward to seeing your creations next time we are in town! Mrs. P~

Oh you lucky girls! I wanted to go, but I had a booth commitment to a craft show the same day. :( Oh well, maybe next year. I'm so glad you all have fun and what a special time to spend together!


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