Children are Such a Blessing!

Every year we have the joy and privilege of blessing our little sister with a special birthday celebration. Since all of her siblings are so OLD :), we always invite some special friends that will enjoy the games and activities that she enjoys.
First, we had some fun times in the kitchen together, whipping up a special giant cupcake!
Here it is, all ready for the party!
We put together a very special birthday breakfast. We don't eat donuts, so she was quite surprised and pleased to see this one on her plate! She was too full to eat the egg, but after all, it was a special birthday morning.
We delivered it all in bed, of course. The look on that sweet face makes us want to do it more often.
She swept the front porch and then started waiting ever so patiently
(or, more accurately, impatiently) for her guests.
Mom clicked a pre-party picture, of course.
The adorable group of girls arrived!
We praise the Lord for friends who are also growing in their love for the Lord.

They each brought a special friend along.
The smaller guests made themselves comfortable and got acquainted. They are obviously well trained and behaved beautifully.
After lunch, it was time for games.
This was the favorite game. Mom created it from her memories of "cake walks" when she was a child. We played beautiful, lively music (from the Nutcracker, a little early, I know) and when the music stopped, everyone stood on a letter. Then a letter was picked and if they were on the right letter, they got to pick a candy from a bowl of very interesting candies. (We found candies that looked like money, legos, fish etc. to make it really enticing!)
Elizabeth said she would like to play this game the entire day!
The dollies enjoyed cupcakes too.
To end the day, they ran off some energy in the backyard.
Children are such a blessing, aren't they?
"O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good because his mercy endureth forever.
This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:1&24


Anonymous said...

Girls, What a precious and adorable post. Reminds me of the innocence of childhood. Elizabeth is such a blessing and a treasure. How you must love her. Thank you for sharing all the photos of her special day. I loved reading about it. Julianne

These are such sweet and happy pictures! Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth! May you ever grow deeper in love with Jesus.

Keilah said...

That is so wonderful! I don't know if you remember or not, but I have a sister who is 13 years younger than me. I can't wait to do things like that for her when she gets older! Of course I do have fun now teaching her to love cleaning (like I do)! She is a GREAT bath-tub cleaner, but still is working on being a good helper with the dishes (being 3-feet-tall might have something to do with it!)!

Thank you for this wonderful post!

Tara said...

Julianne, yes she is a treasure!

Jennifer and Jaimee, Thank you for the encouragement. We'll make sure she gets it.

Keilah, Enjoy every moments with that precious little sister. They grow up so quickly. Investing in their lives makes such a difference.
Keep having her work right along beside you. It pays off! :)

Paulina said...

What wonderful older sisters you both are! It looks like Elizabeth enjoyed a lovely birthday!

Tara said...

Thank you Paulina, in God's strength and power, we plan to be a HUGE influence in her life.

Holly said...

LOVE the giant cupcake! It looks great! Was it very complicated to make? :)

Haughstuff said...

What a lovely picture of all the girls playing outside in their dresses!

Tara said...

Holly, Do you see that cake pan in the first picture? You just pour the batter into both sides of the pan, bake and put the two sides together.
VERY simple! I didn't even use icing on the lower part. I'm sure you could decorate it many ways.

Tara said...

Haughstuff, I agree! We can't stop laughing over cute little P swinging from those rings! Adorable.

Best Life said...

What a beautiful day for such a sweet bunch of girls. I am glad she had such a wonderful party. Mrs. P~

Tara said...

Thank you, Mrs.P, it would only have been more fun if all of you were here. Blessings.

Karen D. said...

*sigh* Lizzy is getting so old, and so are the other little girls there. I love you so much Elizabeth!!! and I know I've already told you, but I'll tell you again, I love having a little sister (adopted) like you!
Your big sis!

Hey Tara,
Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! I just wanted to leave you a comment to let you know Erin gave me your blog address and over the last month, I have enjoyed looking at it. I have one for our family that I try to keep updated. It is
I would be pleased if you had the time to take a peek at some of the happenings around our house. Speaking of which...we are having our 6th annual Herzog Harvest Fest this Saturday the 14th at 3:00. We have been trying to hand out flyers at church, so you may have already gotten one. If not, please visit our blog for all the details. It is on the left hand side of our page. Have a wonderful week, and we hope to see you and your family on Saturday. ~Christina

Anonymous said...

I Love the HUGE cupcake! Happy Birthday Elizabeth... Wish we were closer I am sure Nicole would have loved to play with all the lil guests (aka the dolls).

Everything looked perfect!

Love Aunt Hannah :)

Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth! What a great party! I soooo look forward to that for Abby one day. :) Thanks for sharing and what beautiful pictures!

Tara said...

Aunt Hannah,
Wish you were closer too.
A Happy Birthday to Nicole also.

Tara said...

Poteets, Haven't seen you lately. Miss you. How is that precious baby.
Love to Abby. T&Ke

How sweet of you all to make such a special party for Elizabeth! You are all so creative, and we love all the pictures! You are an inspiration to us!! Thank you for your godly example! We hope Elizabeth had a very happy birthday! What a special girl she is! We loved the look on her face when she got breakfast in bed! :)
~Dani and Amanda

Aww, thanks for asking about us. It's always nice to know you are missed. We have had many sick kids, cars breaking down....we miss church so much. The baby is good, altho he's sick too. :( Little Sam (2 yr old) is on breathing treatments. I PRAY we will be at church Sunday. I need some fellowship!

Tara said...

OK Poteets, we are praying to see you Sunday. God bless!

Hey there!

Great blog! I love it :) My name is Rebekah, and I'm an MK in Chile. I also have a little sister, and she's 11 years younger than me. I enjoy her so much! She is truly a blessing from God!

In Christ,

Would you mind if I followed your blog?? =D

Tara said...

Rebekah and her little sister, Welcome to our blog! We hope to hear from you often! Blessings, T & Ke


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