Our favorite bush is covered with beautiful red winter berries for the birds.
We coaxed our grandpa out of his chair and into the cool air to admire our work.
Here's how it looks when God's light is off.


Esther said...

haha Tara does look funny with a blanket wrapped around her, but not shoes on!!


~Miss Raquel said...

What beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing with us, girls! I LOVE the picture when "God's light is off"! Wonderful job!!

~Miss Raquel

Hannah said...

How fun! I love Christmas lights. =)

Anonymous said...

lovely, give Pepaw our love


Keilah said...

What fun pictures!

Oh, you girls are so creative! I wish I had the decorating skill! It looks wonderful!

Hannah Burnett said...

Love the lights, Kelly!! Hey, where did you buy those boots and sweater? They are so cute!!

Have a great Thanksgiving today! :)

Kelly said...

Hannah, The boots and sweater were gifts but I imagine they are from the usual stores like Kohls, Target,
Walmart. Thanks, Kelly

You know... this is the first time I've actually really liked a house decorated with colored lights. Just that one photo lets me know how classy it looks. Your home never looks any but that. Very pretty.

Hannah Burnett said...

Hey Kelly, do you mind telling me the brand names of your boots and sweater? That might give me a clue of where to find them...



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