Surprise or Shock?

Imagine my surprise (or should I say SHOCK) this afternoon when I decided to glance at our dear, beloved friend (or should I say FORMER) friend's blog (expecting to see new wedding photos!)

Instead, I found this odd entry saying she had posted some of the skits from the Fiesta Party.
"Oh no," I thought "surely not, she wouldn't..." Aww, yes, upon further investigation, she surely would and did! And without permission, I might add! ( We'll be checking on the legal ramifications. )

So since there's nothing we can do about it, we decided to send you on over for a peek at that delightful evening. But first, a word of explanation, please! Katelin's dream was to have a wonderful party the evening before the wedding. This would give many people, including out of town guests an opportunity to meet the groom. ( Most of us wouldn't have run into him previously in Ukraine.)
She planned a fiesta party and we all ate delicious Frito pie ( Because that's what you do in Texas!) One of the highlights of the evening was to be a show, where each family would do something funny or serious to bless the bride and groom. Our sweet parents, of course, looked directly at us and said "Well, what will you be doing to represent our family?" Sly, very sly.

We were absolutely horrified but also thrilled. What an opportunity!
We decided to sing (of course) and did a medley of a song from "White Christmas" and one from"Fiddler on the Roof." Kelly changed the words to make them more meaningful for the occasion.
Yes! Tara was wearing a wig, as we were now Katelin and Katrina.

Since you can now see us in person (not just a picture),
We would like to dedicate this post to a special young lady in Australia who brought us to tears with her beautiful letter for Tara's engagement. Bec, we hope to meet you someday before heaven, but if not, we'll be looking for you! By the way, we aren't always as silly as in the video. :)
Consider the company we were keeping. (We've always warned all of you to be careful who you hang out with, haven't we?)

Oh, and if you suffer through "Sisters", don't miss the Benediction, fourth in the row.
Find it all here at Tara and Kelly


Anonymous said...

Hehe, too cute you goofy girls!


Tara said...

We warned you Malia! T & Ke

Esther said...

It was awesome! I know you both love to sing, and this just provided a way of 'seeing' you both. Catching a small glimp of your characters/personalities....

Do more! =D


Sara said...

Tara, you look great as a brunette!;)

Great job you two!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved it! I am so glad your former friend posted it! You can thank her for me. Hope to meet you some day too. Ashley

Believe me, I wish I could have posted all three segments of your amazing medley...but alas! my online album was too full. Maybe one day I'll become tech-saavy enough to figure out how to do my own You Tube videos. But for now, at least part 3 of your song made it up on the blogosphere for everyone's enjoyment. :-)

Legal ramifications indeed...

Tara said...

Uh, Katrina, dear friend, let's just stick to the one segment, OK?
Alright, the legal research was a stretch. We can hardly post a picture on the blog. T & Ke

Best Life said...

Hi.larious! Mrs. P~

you girls did such a great job! i loved watching the video! and Tara, congrats on your engagement...i am SO happy for you! :-D

That was really funny! I'm so glad Katrina shared that! :)

P.S. So nice to see you on Sunday, Tara!

Anonymous said...

Tara, you look so good as a brunette! Can I ask where you got your wig?


Anonymous said...

The music from the Benediction was absolutely beautiful. Do you have any idea where I could find a copy of it, or even better, the sheet music? Congratulations on your engagement to Nathan, you and Kelly have both been such an encouragement in my life. Thank you so much!



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