Making the most of our time in the New Year!

Dear Sisters,

Happy New Year!
I have been so incredibly blessed by all of the many provisions, opportunities and blessings that the Lord has provided and bestowed this past year. Living in the midst of our home is always exciting and full of adventure as I'm sure your home is too! To write out all of the many memories and special moments that have transpired in the year 2009 would be impossible. A sister engaged, my first nephew born, a grandfather successfully making it through major surgery and so much more. The blessing of the Lord, it truly does make rich and He does not add any sorrow with it.
I don't mean to lead you to believe that every moment and memory was joyful and perfect. That would be misleading. We have had our share of trials as well as triumphs. (Even trials turn out to be blessings, right?) Never the less, my faith has grown and my relationship deepened with my Savior and I praise Him for leading me through it all.

Tara asked if I would share my recent witnessing opportunity with you and
I have been so eager to do just that, waiting for an available time.

Let me all happened while I was out on a cold
winter's day doing my Christmas shopping. :)

God gave me the opportunity to meet a young lady. (The Lord is so good to bring just the right people along our path when the time is right.) I began to talk with her and it was clear that she has had a lot of struggles and disappointments in her life. (I read once that every single person you see has a unique story, and this is so true.) I listened for a while and eventually I began to share with her some amazing truths that I had recently been reviewing and that the Lord had shown to me once again in a whole new light.
I shared about Christ and the love that he has shown to each one of us as His creation.
I first felt a strong sense that I should talk to her about our Lord and the grace wherewith He will save us, not being anything in and of ourselves, but Christ and His shed blood on Calvary. I shared about how easy and what a deception it is to get all entangled and caught up in materialism. I shared how our sole purpose should be to know Christ and live a life for Him! Our life after salvation is not to live a life for ourselves, but dedicated in total surrender to Him and Him alone. Wow! I guess I talked quite a bit! But in real life it went quickly.
Anyway, we talked back and forth and when I began to sense that I really wasn't getting anywhere, I began to share with her the importance of being in God's Word. (Because I know God's Word WILL change her life, right?) I told her that I hoped to start being in the Word not only in my personal devotions, but to encourage my little sister by reading with her every day. I told her that at times Elizabeth has said that the Bible is kind of difficult to understand and follow. Her response was "Oh yes, I know. I find the Bible to be very negative. Lots of portions saying don't do this and don't do that!" I was genuinely surprised. I had never thought of the Bible as being a negative book.
It is actually a book overflowing with hope and promises, letting us know how much God loves us and of His amazing grace and mercy.
I encouraged her to be in the Word more and to view it as the GOOD news that it is!
I told her that I hoped to do more memorization in my own life and that God's Word does not return void. I explained that even at Elizabeth's age, continually hearing it and planting that seed of truth in her own young heart will yield much fruit and blessing in her life ahead.
After a while our time came to an end and we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

I am so very grateful for these times that we receive as gifts from our Lord to plant a seed and minister in a small way to a precious soul walking with us on the course of life.
Take the time dear sisters to sit down and draw your eyes off the here and now and seek to reach and stretch toward that which is eternal. Whether it be a relative, neighbor, friend or even a stranger, all are precious to the Lord and worth our time. There is so much need and many people have not had the blessing of being directed to the Lord and His Word as we have.

May the Lord's richest blessings and grace be upon you dear sisters as He draws close to you in the Year 2010.

Serving Christ my Master and King,

P.S. We have been traveling, as you might have guessed and will tell you all about that soon!


Dearest Kelly,

It was so wonderful to hear about your witnessing opportunity! Thank you so much for sharing that. You are such a good example to me of always being ready to tell others about the LORD! What wonderful opportunities the LORD has given you!

I am eager to hear about your travels and see some pictures! I hope you all are having a wonderful new year.


Mikaela said...

How encouraging to hear how the Lord used you to witness to this young lady. Even though you saw no immediate fruit on that day, be assured that a seed was planted. I will be praying that that seed will blossom and flourish!

Lauren said...

I am encouraged and challenged by the fact that you took that opportunity the Lord gave you, even on a busy day of errands. I need to be more aware of opportunities around me!


Thank you for sharing! It is always encouraging to hear about how the Lord is working in the lives of His people. Thank you for the example of sharing the faith!

In Him,
Hannah Coen

Thank you for the encouragement Kelly. I'm so glad you shared! And we'll look forward to hearing about your travels as well!

Sharri said...

What a wonderful opportunity, so glad you were willing to be used!

Looking forward to hearing about your travels.

And, we so enjoyed meeting you at SOS!
May the Lord bless you!


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