Preparing for Christmas continued

This was very pretty with real straw.
We have to admit this was not real snow. Someone was very creative and they were blowing bubbles into the yard!
These people go all out! They have covered their yard with burlap and topped it with fake snow!
Oh well, that's all the snow we're going to get. (and with this we will be content!)

This was our mom's favorite for peacefulness and tranquil beauty.
This time of year some people may be more open to hearing the gospel.
Let's not overlook a single opportunity to share.
We know a family who does not know the Lord and they don't even know they need Him.
For several years now, we have given them the gospel message with no results.
We continue to pray for them and this year we may just show our love and care for them.
We pray God would draw them to Himself.
Next post: Cookie Baking! We've been doing it and we have pictures to prove it!


Anonymous said...

I love the lights!!!!
They are SOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!
Did it snow????
Lily Jane

Keilah said...

Wow! You Texans go all out! Here is Washington our lights are not that pretty.

You all looked like you had fun!!

Looking forward to the "cookie" post!

Sharri said...

Very pretty!

And, we just had 20" of snow here--come on up and we'll share! :)

Tara said...

Lily Jane, It has almost never snowed here and in fact it hardly ever even freezes. It was 72 today.
We just get bubbles. Kelly

Lauren said...

Sadly, we don't see so many Christ-themed light displays here on the West coast as you do in Texas. However, in my part of WA, we do have tons of beautiful lights all around us, and every year we have a similar tradition of light-seeing! So Keilah, you need to come visit us down here! (-:

crazycrafter said...

I think that the lights are so pretty! We had fun looking at lights right before we left for Phoenix, AZ, where we are now. These people went all out, two! In fact, one of the houses that we saw had a radio station that coordinated with their light show! One of the songs was dueling banjos . . . by the end of it you walk out of there dizzy! Merry Christmas,


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