North or South?

The Lord blessed us recently with a wonderful trip up north. Shortly after arriving we headed out to enjoy the snow! But first, we stopped at a cozy restaurant to fuel up and warm up too.
Reuben warming up with coffee.
It was such a blessing to spend time with my precious sister again.
Then of course, there was that very special man. And guess who I'm holding?
The little girls were eager to begin.
Quick! A decent shot before the snowballs start to fly!
Sisters, what a joy!
The sledding begins!
I don't know what's so hard about getting back to the top!
It seemed awfully easy to me.
What a great father!
If it looks like we were having fun, I can tell you that we sure were!
And if it looks cold, I can tell you that yes it was COLD!
When the sleds are full, this is how it's done!
Keep in mind that we rarely see snow. In fact, when we arrived home our house was hot and we turned on the air conditioner.
I can't seem to think of a good comment for this one.
Girls from the south, just look at those icicles! Wow!
Uh oh, I think Elizabeth threw one snowball too many.
Just look how mama occupied herself while we were playing.
Introducing our new little nephew, Gabriel, an amazing blessing from the Lord.
He's a BOY, can you believe it?
We are praying for every one of you that you would hear His voice this year and obediently follow Him. Goodbye for now!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them. You guys must have had so much fun!!!

~Sarah H.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them. You guys must have had so much fun!!!

~Sarah H.

Lauren said...

Beautiful snow! I'm glad you could enjoy it, and in return, I sure enjoyed the pictures of Gabriel! He's absolutely adorable! (-:

Mikaela said...

ahhh...such fun! I definitely vote for the north. ;-)

Hannah said...

Ah! You were up here and I missed it??

Looks like loads of fun - y'all saw more snow than I did, we never did get around to driving up to see any.

Keilah said...

Yes! The North is good!! [smile]

What fun pictures, Tara. I'm glad you had such a great time!


Hannah said...

I vote for the north! I just love the snow and would really miss it if I ever lived down south! :-) What part of the north did you visit? There was a LOT of snow in those pictures . . . was it ND or MN (we live in Minnesota)? :-)

I've enjoyed reading your blog! May the Lord bless you!

Meggie said...

Looks like you had awesome fun,

Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

Tara said...

Hey now everyone, wait just a minute here. Don't forget, we have lots of sand in the south and it's almost white and not nearly so cold! Tara and Kelly

Best Life said...

We can't even imagine snow like that! And that baby....I'm glad I wasn't there 'cuz I would have been tempted to hide him in my suitcase and bring him home with me. LOL Mrs. P~ You look like you had an absolute BLAST in those pictures! I LOVE sledding! I should think it would be especially fun with a fiance. :-) Little sisters/nieces are pretty amazing too! Next time, pack me in your suitcase, would ya?

As for the unofficial vote taking place, I TOTALLY vote for the south. Snow would be nice for a few days but I could NOT imagine living in such frigid temperatures all winter long! I am a southern girl through and through. Bring me warm temperatures and sunshine any day!

(Thankfully, God didn't call me to be a missionary in Siberia! South America is looking really good right now... :-)

Tara said...

Katrina, Thank you for your fine comment and amazing perspective.
Someones got to stand up for the south!

Tara said...

Hannah from Minnesota,
These are the Washington mountains, really cold this time of year!

Welcome to the world of BOYS! Not that I know much about boys! Ha! He's absolutely GORGEOUS! Please tell your sister Congrats from the Poteets!
Love the pics! Snow is so much fun! I miss it!
Love, The Poteet Fam

~Miss Raquel said...

Oh it looks like you had so much fun!! Now was that in Washington or Oregon? It almost looks like Mt. Hood! I can't decide between North or really actually like both. :)
I LOVE that picture of you (Tara) and Stephen - the "no comment" one. :) SO cute!! LOVE it! Glad you had such a girls are all so beautiful!
~Miss Raquel

Tara said...

Miss Raquel,
Now that you mention it, we agree!
We like both the north and south too. They each have their benefits!
We were in WA.


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