To Market to Market

Most of our family had never been to this market, so off we went.
It didn't take long before we enjoyed a little company as we walked.
Just don't cover the eyes little Rosebud!
Isn't this just beautiful? I could fill our entire kitchen with them.
Look at all those beautiful colors and so healthy too!
Greetings from the crowd.
Manuvering through the crowd.
Just practicing!
Yes, it is worth waiting for the one God has planned just for you.
Don't run ahead of God. Wait for His best for you.
You will be so glad that you did.

What a sweet little bundle of love.
Did you ever see a gummy bear bear?
We need our men for the tough jobs in life.
Someone's enjoying the ride!
Yes, this man is God's best for me!

It is always a good idea to practice for your future!

Our favorite shop.
Next post, we'll take you to a beautiful little fairy tale town in the mountains.
Until then, God be with all of you.


Looks like fun! Thanks for posting pictures! :)
Thank you also so much for your wonderful testimony about waiting for God's best. You girls are so encouraging. :)

Melody said...

That's a really fun place to go!!

Mikaela said...

Let's see...are we visiting Leavenworth next? ;-) Can't wait!
I'm enjoying seeing my state through your lens.

Tara said...

Marissa and Andrea, We know you will also be an encouragement to others!

Melody, It was fun and there were lots of interesting things to see.

Mikaela, Your guess is correct!
Would you believe we have stopped the car and all of us have jumped out just to touch the snow? When Elizabeth first felt it, she said with great surprise "It's COLD !!!"

Tara Nicole! Weren't your feet absolutely FREEZING???

Then again...maybe being in love keeps you warm all the down to your toes! :-)

Keilah said...

Oh yes! Thank you for posting the pictures.

What a funny story about Elizabeth. ;cD I can't wait to see the Leavenworth pictures! I agree with Mikaela: it is very fun indeed to see pictures of my hometown on your blog. ;cD

Tara said...

Katrina, You must be right. I never once thought about my feet!

Tara said...

Keilah, We are glad you are enjoying the pictures. The girls down south are just amazed and want to join us and see everything for themselves. We know lots of girls who have never been sledding.:( We hope they get the opportunity someday.

Dearest Tara,

What wonderful pictures! It looks like you all had a wonderful time! We always like seeing pictures of you and Stephen! :) What a beautiful testimony of purity and waiting for the perfect man for you! Thank you for your wonderful example!

Amanda and Emily

Tara said...

Blessings to you, Hahner sisters!
It is so wonderful to hear from you!


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