Do you have problems?

grandfather and grandson bonding

This past Sunday morning, the speaker at our church mentioned "Everyone has problems. If you are alive, you have problems." This brought quite a few smiles and chuckles up and down our row. Let me tell you all about it.

Our day started off just great this past Sunday morning. We were well prepared the night before with our clothes laid out and meal plans ready. Everything seemed to come together smoothly. Elizabeth's hair wasn't hopelessly tangled or too difficult to arrange. Mom made us a nice egg dish for breakfast, dad made coffee and we all managed to eat together and really enjoyed it. Kelly cooked up some chicken and shrimp gumbo, loaded it all in the crock pot and then into the car. We managed to get the car all loaded up (we carry quite a bit with us on Sundays!) and we were still in good time! It is important that we arrive on time on Sunday mornings since our father opens the service and Tara starts on the piano.

We had all piled into the car when dad realized he didn't have the key. It was not on the key rack where it normally lives! We knew it must be in the house since the car was sitting in the garage. We quickly determined who drove it last. So as to protect the guilty, we won't publish his name.:)

Running back into the house, we looked for the keys in all the obvious places. They couldn't be found anywhere so we tried to determine whether it would be better to locate the extra key or move all our supplies to another car.

We decided upon finding the extra key since we know exactly which drawer it is kept in! Let me give you a little word of advice here. It is smart to keep things in a certain spot so you can find them easily. With confidence, we opened the drawer to quickly grab the key, but it wasn't there!

Puzzled, we began to search in other drawers and cupboards. Within a short time, we found it in a cupboard where it shouldn't be.

We all raced back out to the car and headed off to church.

When we arrived at the end of our long street, someone in the car shouted out in an alarmed voice "I left my ring!"

Normally, this person would probably have to do without her ring. However, this time the car came to a sudden stop, we made a u turn and drove quickly back to the house. We were meeting some friends for dinner who had not seen "the ring" and would have been disappointed if it was left at home for the day.

When we were all settled back in the car, it looked like we might be running a bit late.

There was still a little glimmer of hope that we could barely make it in time but then we realized our garage door wouldn't close!

The door would start to close and then immediately open back up. Our noble dad hopped out
to assess the situation! Upon closer examination, he found that a leaf had gotten caught in just the exact location where it was tripping the safety mechanism on the door!
He removed the leaf and shut the door. We started out again and this time we made it to the church and yes, we were late!

We all have trials and we all have troubles, don't we? Some are really big and some are just the little daily nuisances that we have to live with. I believe our lives will go much better if we just realize that these things are going to happen. It is best to plan ahead and try to make our lives run smoothly but sometimes God just allows these things to happen and we might as well accept them cheerfully. My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


that's really cute! we can relate to having missing keys!! what a great reminder that God will supply all we need... His grace is more than enough for all the hard situations we face in our lives. thanks for sharing! :)

Sounds like a busy morning! What a great reminder, though. God has His own creative ways of teaching us things! :)

Keilah said...

What a fun story! Thank you for it!

This story had me chuckling! I can totally picture the fiasco described...hasn't every family endured such a morning at least once? Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Hahaha! Too funny! I'm glad you made it in the end, though. :)

Best Life said...

Oh my goodness! That;s quite a story. I love the pictures of the baby. That puts it all in perspective doesn't it? Mrs. P~

Lauren said...

I can't tell you how relieved I am that we don't have the monopoly on mornings such as those! (-: Thanks for sharing, and for your noble efforts to protect the innocent! (-;

crazycrafter said...

That's a really cute story! I know how you feel! Sometimes God has to use some really funny ways to teach us how to be patient! Now where did I put the toaster . . .

Tara said...

We definitely get the feeling that everyone can relate to our experience! We still haven't found
those keys! Tara and Kelly

TexasLady said...

The new baby "BOY" pictures are so sweet. Marci

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!! So cute!

~Sarah H.

Lydia Jane said...

I was wondering if you could share any tips on how to do natural looking makeup. I would love to learn any tips you girls could share, or even if there are any books that helped you.

Thank you!

Hello, I dont know if you knew about my blog. Just click on my name to go there! I plan on posting about daughters at ome (not going to college, etc) soon. My daughter and her husband met your Dad today at the seminar in Eugene, Oregon.

SarahLee said...

Hello! I was just wondering, did your family attend the Sufficiency of Scripture conference in December? I am pretty sure I saw Stephen and possibly his brother in the chorale there - it was beautiful!! I thought that was funny, since I have seen him on your blog. ;) I hope the wedding preperations are going smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Steve's new grandson looks just like Steve's dad!


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