Our Fairy Tale Village

For quite a few years now, Kristen has been telling us about the beautiful town of Leavenworth, Washington, where she was blessed to spend her last wedding anniversary. At long last, we were able to see it for ourselves. We began the drive in the rain but as we drove higher into the mountains, we began seeing ice and snow covering the trees. I wish we had a picture to show you as the ice was frozen over all of the branches and the sun was glittering through it all.

This is what we saw as we turned the first corner into town. (above)

The original four.

And the Lord God said "Be fruitful and multiply."

One of the very friendly shop owners came running out to take our picture so then we were joined by the ones we came from. (I guess we abandoned our baby at this point.)

We headed off to see the shops.

I don't know if you can get much better scenery than this!

There were lots of little indoor shopping areas to take a break from the cold.
And it was cold (brrrrr), but then we like cold. We're storing it up to remember how it felt this next August.

There were even books to look over!

The little girls endured our shopping for quite some time.

However, we just couldn't keep them from noticing all that beautiful white fluffy snow.

Before leaving we let them have a lot of fun doing just what we would have
done when we were their age! In fact, they are very close to the ages that we once were.

As we drove away, we took one last look back at this beautiful fairy tale village.
(And we didn't turn into a pillar of salt!)


Keilah said...

Oh my how fun!!! I laughed out loud with that last remark, Tara.


Mikaela said...

I've never been to Leavenworth in the wintertime, but it looks even more gorgeous than usual! I would love to go up there before Christmas sometime; I hear they are all decked out. You can even get sleighrides.
And where's Elizabeth's plaid skirt? You look adorable in your matching plaid! ;-)
God Bless!

Tara said...

Keilah, We didn't think of that last remark until we had already published and read the post again.
We had an excellent sermon last Sunday about Lot and how he compromised with the world and that has really been on our minds.
Tara and Kelly

Tara said...

Mikaela, As we were walking around almost alone we remarked to Kristen about how uncrowded it was. She said people there don't really go there in the winter because they aren't all enthralled with the cold like we are. :)
As for the plaid skirts, would you believe we didn't plan it? We don't have very many winter clothes and so I (Tara) picked one out of Kristen's closet. Poor Elizabeth can't shop in our closets yet. Tara and Kelly

Tara said...

You might have noticed it was all beautifully decorated for Christmas even though it was January. That was great for us because we were celebrating Christmas with Kristen's family and they even left the tree
(a real one!) up for us.
But we didn't see any sleigh rides.:(
We loved going this time of year but it was a little (actually a lot!) treacherous driving home.

Tara, how beautiful this place looks! What a sweet time with family :) My sister Taylor and I have been reading your blog for a while, and although we do not know you in person, feel as though we do. It is so encouraging to see a family with such a love for God . . . Taylor and I so enjoy following what ya'll are up to. Thank you for being such a witness to Him, Tara. :)

~Lauren Lee

Tara said...

Lauren and Taylor, Thank you for speaking up! May God be glorified in all our lives. Blessings.

mamma bear said...

It looks just like Helen, Georgia!
They must be sister cities.

Bethany Kay said...

Hey Tara-
:) I found you blog, and I love it! :D
I hope you don't mind me following it!

God Bless:) Beth

Bethany Kay said...

Hey Tara:)
I found you blog and I love it :)
I want to add you to my favorite blogs, if thats okay. :)
God Bless:)
Beth Stewart

Bethany Kay said...

Hey Tara:)
I found you blog and I love it!:)
I hope you don't mind if I follow it!
God Bless! Beth Stewart

Jacqueline said...

We visited Leavenworth the first winter we moved to Washington in 2001! It's such a cute and cozy little town... :)Love your boots Kelly! <3


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