Answered Prayer - Part 3

We spent the next two days filming Grace's new movie.
(Remember I can't tell you too many details yet.)

When Tara and I were younger, after our school work, we would spend our free time rehearsing all sorts of plays and entertainment to perform for our parents after dinner.
Then our next dream was to be able to act somewhere. We researched all the possibilities and presented them to our parents. As hard as it was to surrender our dreams, we had to admit that none of them were consistent with our family's beliefs and what we knew God had called us to.
I was just learning that I must deny myself, pick up my cross and follow Him.
I remember very clearly the night I told the Lord that I would just give this desire to Him, but I told Him if He would ever like to fulfill it, I would be willing!
Since that time,
He has certainly not withheld from us any good thing.
He remembers the desires of our hearts.

My "brother" and I speaking with our "father".

When Grace asked if I would act in her movie, I was very excited. The first thing that came to mind was that night long ago, talking to the Lord.

I told Grace all about it later and we both gave praise to God!

Who do you think that is in the little blue phone?
If you guessed Tara, you were right!

We had lots to hear about and lots of news to share.

Sorry about the half eaten food!

Thanks Tara, for joining us.

The whole bunch of us gather to say goodbye.
Looking out their front door as we head to our van.

Don't they live in a pretty area? They have such great climbing trees!

Elsewhere: Such a precious sight!!!


Mikaela said...

What a precious testimony! God never forgets, does He? It makes me wonder how many events in my life I have failed to give Him credit for--events that He miraculously orchestrated but I took for granted.

What fun to see your pictures! You are such a blessing to us and the movie is going to be great. I've been watching some of the editing and I am so excited! Can't wait to see you next weekend! Mrs. P~

it's been great fun seeing all your pics and hearing your stories of the Lord at work in your life! :) thank you for sharing!!

Kelly said...

Makaela, What a great thought. Maybe He will show us someday!

Mrs. P., Thank you for making it possible. We love you.

Jennifer, It was so cool and beautiful which made it fun to travel. It does seem to be warming up a bit these days though. :(

Isn't it wonderful how the Lord works everything for our good? I am so glad that He gave you the opportunity to act! How wonderful!

I love the picture of Stephen and Tara- so sweet! :) We are all very excited about our special trip to Texas next week!


Dearest Kelly,

Oh, it looks like you are having so much fun! :)

That's wonderful that you surrendered your dream of acting to the LORD, and now He is fulfilling it! That is so neat! Praise the LORD! Thank you for posting all the pictures. It is always such an encouragement to read your posts and see your beautiful pictures! :)

The LORD bless you!

Love you much,

SarahLee said...

Wonderful opportunity!
Looking forward to reading about Tara's wedding next weekend...will you have a live web viewing by chance? :)

Kelly said...

SarahLee, We will!!
If you will send us your email we won't publish it but will send you the link. If anyone else would like to watch just send us your email.
We won't publish it!

Dear Precious Daughters of Vision,

We would rejoice to be able to view what will no doubt be a tremendously encouraging and Christ-exalting wedding. God bless your preparatons!

In His Love,
Mrs. David Hulslander

Anonymous said...

I would love to watch. Your blog is such a blessing!


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