The Lord's Mercies Part 2

A few weeks before the wedding, dad took us out to get some pictures.
Of course we couldn't post them till now!

At this point we realized the wedding was really going to happen.

The wind was at full force, so despite the beauty of the lake, we never did manage to keep Tara's dress down long enough to get a good picture!

Our main goal, besides the pictures of course, was to keep the dress clean.

The men met for Mexican food and to express some final thoughts to Stephen.

Little nieces preparing for the wedding.

Friends, all set and ready to greet the guests!

The little girl next to Elizabeth is her cousin's daughter who happens to be her exact same age.

The sand castle
I do believe I see the joy of the Lord in their faces!
I forgot to mention yesterday that the wedding can be viewed online.
It does contain commercials (at which point you can turn down the volume and cover the screen). Also, the music will not sound the way it actually was because the microphone on a small video camera is not able to pick up the depth and beauty of the magnificent organ tones.
The site is

We still have guests in town so I better not be missing for too long.
The Lord bless and keep you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, loving the pictures of everyone(including my nieces:). Love the first one of Tara, beautiful! The music was so wonderful causing an emotional reaction even on the computer so I can only imagine in person. Prayers are with everyone & love & hugs to all, including the extended family still visiting.


Laura said...

What a good idea to take pictures days before the actual wedding!

HeidiGrace said...

Congratulations Stephen and Tara! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding! Tara is a lovely bride. :) Thanks for sharing all of these great pictures!

Hannah Burnett said...

Love all the pictures!! And we really enjoyed watching the online video - thanks! God writes the most beautiful stories...:).

Kelly said...

God definitely writes the most beautiful love stories!
Malia, We wish so much that you and Scott and sons could have been with us. Hopefully we'll get a better recording soon.

What beautiful pictures of you all! Thank you for sharing them!
It is such an encouragement to know young ladies that believe in modesty- I loved all of your dresses!
May the Lord bless you all!

Lauren said...

I absolutely love the wedding dress! Did Tara sew that herself? The bridesmaids and their dresses are all so gorgeous as well! (-:

Everything was beautiful. It ministered the love of Christ to everyone there and I am so glad it is available online. Can't wait to see more pictures! Lisa~

Kelly said...

Lauren, Tara bought the dress but Mom did add to it to make it more modest. Tara dreamed of a full skirt and that is hard to find these days. Blessings.

Kelly said...

Mrs. P.
I'm afraid we are almost out of pictures. We weren't exactly carrying cameras that day!
We are definitely dependent on others.

SarahLee said...

I really like the patterns that you used for the bridesmaids, Kelly! What pattern was it? Did you make all of them, or just your and Elizabeth's?
The pictures of Tara are beautifully posed! Can't wait to see some of the professional photographer's pictures!!

Kelly said...

SarahLee, For the bridesmaids, we used Vogue 2788. Of course, we raised the front, back and shoulders and lengthened the sleeves.
Elizabeth's dress was McCalls 4285
and the flower girls Vogue 7819.
Mom did most of the sewing and I cooked and kept up with the housework!

Sara said...

What a beautiful wedding - every detail was such a blessing. Thank you for sharing the link. I viewed it from start to finish last night. I finished at about 3 a.m. :0)

We are of course taking notes as we plan our daughter's wedding (she'll be 8 next Monday :0)

Your story is inspirational. We pray that God continues to bless you as you live a witness for Him.

Sara Kendrick (friend of Mrs. Pennington - she's been sharing details)

Mrs. Riddell said...

Praise to God, Sara. Sorry to keep you up so late. Never too soon to plan! Cherie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Congratulations to the happy couple. May the Lord shower many blessings down upon them as they begin their married life.


I cannot express how happy I am for you two. Those pictures made me so happy. :) I just felt So happy and I just was very excited for you.
I just LOVED the wedding, the pictures, and I LOVED, ABSOLUTELY
LOVED, the dresses!!! They are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I enjoyed the pictures and just the whole wedding. It was very beautiful.
I loved the bead work on the wedding dress and the little crowns on the flower girls. The "baby's of honor" was a cute Idea. The girls caught some beautiful pictures of you with Stephen, Tara and You Tara, with your Dad in the beginning, looking at each-other.
I just wanted to tell you how excited I was and am.
God Bless you,


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