Sweet Peas and Old Pots Part 1

I'd love to tell you about our big adventure and how the Lord answered the prayer I forgot I had even prayed! Isn't He too good? I had all my lines memorized. We knew this would be a busy year so in January we agreed with our friends on a date for filming a short movie. Unfortunately, Tara was too busy to go but she made her presence known later as you will see. We headed out in the blinding rain (or so it seemed to me) for our five hour drive to our dear friends' house. (Of course, we stop for anything of interest, so for us it took only eight hours!) We weren't too concerned that the rain would ruin our filming plans since we were headed from the wet to the dry side of the state!
Sure enough the rain began to ease up. Our route took us right past the beautiful gardens we showed you last year. Strangely, we were there on the exact date we visited last year. However, even more strangely, they were very different than last time! We had a much colder winter :) so many of the roses were not in bloom yet. However, there was much to see.
Peter Rabbit was hopping through the gardens.

A big favorite of ours is the kitchen garden.

We rarely see sweet peas (too hot) which our mother has fond memories of from the part of her childhood spent in England.

We took a picture of the "Old Pots Graveyard" which we forgot last year.

Rather hysterical, we thought.

Then a quick walk down the yellow brick road.

I believe this garden is 7 acres and we made a very brisk walk of it as we knew we needed to head on down the road. Also, it was drizzling here and you know our hair does frizz!

So off we went, with no time to linger (lollygag) in the gift shops. :(

Pulling out from the gardens, we saw two very interesting sights...to be continued!


We're waiting on the edge of our seats for the rest of the story! (the flower pot cemetery is hilarious!) Mrs. P~

~Miss Raquel said...

Oh what fun pictures!! Thank you for sharing.
*haha* The 'graveyard' IS hiliarious!

By the way, dears, I was wondering if it would be possible to interview you girls for my magazine that I edit and publish for young ladies. You can contact me via my blog (www.God-sDaughter.blogspot.com) and we can talk over details. The magazine's website is: www.visionsofvirtuemagazine.webs.com

Thank you, dears!
~Miss Raquel

Tara and Kelly,
Will you please tell us something? You are confusing me so much with your posts. What is this movie that Kelly is doing? What are the answered prayers and all the mystery? Please continue your blog posts and finsih the story!

Kelly and Tara said...

Carissa, Did you miss the April 9th post about Kelly's big, exciting, wonderful adventure? That may help some. We promise we will soon get to the rest of the story, we just don't want the posts to be 50 pictures long. But we are posting daily, making up for lost time! T and Ke


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