The Trip Home Part 4

They do have some strange sights in this part of the country. Apparently there was a time when camels were used by the military instead of horses in this area. They were very useful but I guess the idea never caught on.
We were only a few miles down the road when we stopped to eat along the river,
a real treat for us.

On any longer road trip, we have a game that we play which is much more fun than The Alphabet Game (where you find each letter in order). Besides there aren't too many letters out in the country. Now, if Elizabeth really wants to play that one, we'll play it, but please don't remind her! Our game is to watch for our favorite house, one that we would really like to try out living in for a month or so. By far, this was the winner!

While I was taking this picture, the neighbor walked over and was telling me that her house across the street was much older and had more of a history etc. Doesn't something like this always happen? I just kept it quiet about this one being my absolute favorite!
I just had to show you this one! We don't normally give an award for best gardens but maybe we should add that category. This is definitely the winner for most gorgeous flower gardens!

All that beauty and this was only the beginning of April.

I didn't catch a bird coming in for a bath but I'm sure they find it very enjoyable in this garden!

One of our many stops on the way home to enjoy the beautiful bluebonnets.

Hopefully this year we won't repeat the drought of last year. We have already planted some tomatoes and flowers and really aren't excited about another desert (dry dirt) garden.
We arrived home safely (but rather late) with lots of memories of wonderful times shared.

One final note. Reuben is happier now! We can't prove it but we suspect he was just having a hard time adjusting to the idea that he will not be our only brother here soon. :) He will have to share that revered position with another. I have sure waited a long time to have brothers and I sure love it! Isn't God good?


Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures, Kelly! I love them all! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Brothers are such blessings!


Kelly said...

You are welcome Amanda! Wish we could show you all the beautiful fields of flowers. Kelly

Dearest Kelly,

Oh, the pictures are beautiful - as usual! It looks like you all had so much fun! I cannot WAIT to see you in Texas! :) We'll see you soon! :)


Rachel said...

Hey Kelly,
How are the newlyweds? Please post on the wedding soon!
Rachel P.


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