At the End of Summer ...

(I had a few more pictures from my trip)
The beautiful bride and her handsome Texan on the day of their wedding.

The fall semester has begun! Elizabeth started back on her academics shortly after the wedding, however now we have restarted our piano and violin studies.
Elizabeth was also unbelievably excited to be able to begin orchestra last week.
As many of you know, it is a real joy to be able to play your instrument with others as she is just finding out.

I enjoyed visiting with a special friend at the wedding. Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Elizabeth loves to learn which makes it a lot of fun to teach her!
I am excited to be her science teacher for the year. We are using the young explorer series put out by Apologia. This year we chose Botany. This study is very detailed and also very interesting. At this moment we have a bean growing in the sunlight, another in a rarely used kitchen cupboard (with a sign warning everyone to keep the door shut!) and another in the refrigerator. Why not put one in the freezer? Although I imagine we can all guess how well it will grow! :)

Ahhh, A beautiful horse to admire and enjoy.

I find that I am learning about as much as my little sister is. (In science that is but now that I think about it, in other areas too!) I don't believe I delved into Botany quite this deeply when I was younger. We found a huge seed pod hanging from a trumpet vine in our yard for a dissection project. Always, new possibilities. :)

Sweet little nieces in the garden.

Tara has plans to teach history from afar this year. That should be a lot of fun and will give Elizabeth a great incentive to keep learning.

I thought these pansies were just beautiful.
We will have pansies in the winter but definitely not in August!

Quite a quaint little gift shop. I wouldn't mind if a room in our house looked like this.
(Guess it's time to get back to decorating!)

What a pretty garden.

I continue with my Bible reading.
I just finished I Chronicles this morning and continue in John and Zechariah.

Here's what my sunflowers might have looked like if the deer hadn't enjoyed such a tasty dinner!
Maybe next year?

My happy, chubby little nephew.

A good dad spends time talking with his children and this dad certainly does!

Bye for now!

It was brought to my attention that there are some beautiful wedding photos on our sweet friends site. (And why didn't anyone let me know sooner? :) ) Keilah is a very gifted photographer


Lauren said...

How wonderful that you can teach Elizabeth! That must make for some precious moments together! I'm rejoicing for your beautiful pansies, mourning for your lost sunflowers, and tickled by the adorable pictures of your nieces and nephews.

Faith Sawyer said...

Kelly, I did the same Apologia Botany a couple years ago! I hope you and Elizabeth find it just as intruiging as I did.

Kelly said...

Lauren, You sure know how to word things beautifully! Yes, those little ones are cuties!

Faith, I noticed they have many other subjects. We are having so much fun, I would love to do them all!

How fun to read the updates on the Riddell's life! Beautiful pictures...I'm so happy for you, Kelly, to be able to spend time in Washington this summer. We miss you all! Thank you for sharing!
Love Christa and Kate
PS - Tara, we love your new look! :)

I LOVED your post, Kelley! Thank you for the update! The pictures were beautiful and I enjoyed the news! I hope all is going well for you, Kelly! Hope we can organize a time for you to visit us when you come to WA next! Love you,

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you enjoyed seeing your sister and brother in law! And thanks for sharing pics of Amy and J.R.'s wedding!

What is going on these days?


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