Is There Life After the Wedding?

How are all of you? I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer. We are in the height of heat as I assume everyone is. Almost every day has had a "feels like" temperature of over 100. Most of my plants have croaked and we spend all of our time indoors. August is almost over and we can hope for a little change in September.
I was blessed to be able to take a trip to visit both of my wonderful sisters. One week with one and one week with the other!

What a joy it was to see Tara in her new married life and of course
how fun it was to cook with Tara's new ocean blue pots!

Well, what do you know? Those sewing skills are useful after all!
We were able to put together a gorgeous bed skirt using an old sheet
and some beautiful new fabric.

Of course we cooked up some good food together. (This time it was to surprise Stephen)

Sadly, the dough was not gluten free so we were not able to taste it!
But it sure was soft and fun to work with. (Back to our play-dough days. :)
We used to create great looking things and couldn't eat them either.)

The dough was sliced it into perfect pieces.
(Tara says she loves married life but misses all the sisters who clean up the kitchen!! :)

Ready to pop in the oven!
(We have lost most of our photography skills and did not take a single picture of the finished cinnamon rolls!)

We did have some fun. We played a little tennis.

It appears certain that they enjoy each other.
In fact, it's really hard to get them apart!

Tara said she finds a lot of joy in serving Stephen and I know he enjoys serving her also.

It was so good to be with one of my very best friends again!
I DO miss Tara so, so much. But when I see how happy she is with Stephen and how perfectly God made them for each other, well, what can I say? Now I love Stephen so much also!

Here the men decided to sail a boat down the river. We sat nearby and gave them instruction. :)
Hmmm, speaking of the river, it seems things really are bigger in Texas!! :)

This boat may have needed a little help.
Notice the very dry ground. It seems the rain may be a lot bigger down south too!

Blessings to Tara and Stephen on their early married life.
Maybe soon we'll talk her into sharing with us some lessons she has learned. (I know there are many!) For now, God bless each and every one of you.

Ezra 8:22b "The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek him; but his power and his wrath is against all them that forsake him. " Let's seek Him!


Mikaela said...

Thanks for the update Kelly! It was so nice to see you in July! Praise the Lord for the beautiful, Christ-honoring relationship you have with your sisters and extended family; it is an encouragement to read and see.

Teresa said...

Tara's hair is not blond anymore!

Laura said...

I have enjoyed cooking with my sister Sarah (now Hainline's :-) new ocean blue pots as well!! :-P

Keilah said...

Oh Kelly! Thank you so much for the updates. It was such a glessing hearing from you!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your trip! What fun that must have been for you to spend time with your sisters! Next time, I'll have to show you a real river and real rain, just to convince you that WA can hold its own in the water department! (-;
God bless!

Kassie Burke said...

How beautiful Texas is! :) Just to let you sisters know your blog in very encourging! Thanks and those cinnimon rolls look yummy.


Kelly said...

Mikaela, It was wonderful to see you also. Hope to see you again soon!

Teresa, We couldn't show Tara's hair until she had surprised some key people, so that's why her head is cut off in several shots.

Laura, Yes, ocean blue pots are great. Tara has admired them for quite some time. I don't think Tara would mind me telling that when my dad was ready of tell Tara of Stephen's interest, he gave her her first blue pot and said "I think you might be needing this."

Kelly said...

Keilah, You are such a precious friend. God bless you!

Lauren, OK, I'll be looking forward to seeing all that water!

Kassie, I imagine the rolls were good. Unfortunately we can't eat gluten so we were left imagining!
Maybe it's time to dig out the gluten-free recipe.

Alexandra! said...

Oh they look so good! :)
It rained here in Texas yesterday!
Did she dye her hair? It's really pretty!

God Bless!

Holly said...

Wow, Tara's hair looks so different now it's dark! :O
The two of you look much more alike! It's very cool.
Seems like you had a great trip! :)

Great post! I hope the cinnamon rolls were good!

Kelly said...

Penningtons, According to Stephen, they were really good!

Alexandra, Yes, Tara's hair is really darkening quickly. Must have something to do with marriage!
Actually, Tara was always blond but in her late teens it started to change, so she highlighted it to keep the look. She decided to stop. It dyed a bit too dark but has lightened up since these pictures. Stephen loves it both ways, but that not too surprising!

What a beautiful post! We loved all the pictures and hearing from you! That's wonderful that you got the opportunity to come up and visit your sisters- it looked like you had a lot of fun! :) We love you and hope sometime when you are up here, you can come visit!! :)
Thank you again for the post!
~Dani, Amanda, Emily and Hannah

Great post, it's such a blessing to have sisters! My girls are cooking and singing together in the kitchen right now! I pray they always stay close.

Anonymous said...

Always love reading about your adventures! When are you goign to come visit us in California?

With Love,
Aunt Hannah & Uncle Clark

Anonymous said...

might want to check this blog out girls!!! Eden String Quartet girl! great!

Brittany said...

Just found your blog through "The Pleasant Times" and I just have to say how much I have enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures.
I am still "newly" married myself-well...almost a year and a half newly married. { I tell my husband that when we are 80 I want to be considered newly weds still...or maybe oldie weds.}
I can't wait for more posts! y'alls hair naturally curly or do y'all get it permed? I am wanting to perm my hair, but not to sure about the price.
Anyway, may God Bless y'all as you seek to serve Him. Looking forward to reading on in the future!
Your new reader,

~Miss Raquel said...

What lovely pictures! Thank you for the update, Kelly!
And Tara's hair is beautiful - blonde or brunette :)

Kelly said...

Holly, I did have a terrific trip!
I would sure love to do it again soon.

Dani, Amanda, Emily and Hannah,
You are always such an encouragement.
I would love to visit! Let's plan on it!

Kelly said...

Findleys, We love having sisters!
And the last few years, we've enjoyed having brothers too!

Dearest Aunt and Uncle, Maybe next year? :) It is a long drive but we would so love to see you!

Kelly said...

Brittany, Welcome to our blog!
What a joy it is to have you along.
Yes, all of us have curly hair and before some of us married and moved away, we live in a VERY humid area.
No need for perms! Tara's hair isn't quite as curly but if you see it straight you know that a flat iron has been running over it recently.
(I have insider knowledge.)I am planning a new post on how to manage the curls, which is always a popular topic!

Kelly said...

Miss Raquel, You are always such an encouragement to us! I agree that Tara's hair is beautiful brown and she does have twice as much as most of us. :) God's choice of color is just terrific.


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