Summer Cut!

I know that I have given you lots of advice in the past concerning how to take care of curly hair.
I hope though that you will understand that I just finally grew tired of taking care of mine.
In a weak moment, I reached for the scissors.

I decided to give it a little "trim."
I figured I could always get mom to even it up later.
Oh dear, once you've done it, you can't go back. (There's a lesson there, don't you think?)
The good news is (as they say), it will always grow back.

Maybe it will grow back very quickly, even possibly by the next blog post!!
Hope all of you have a terrific evening and may God bless you on this wonderful

APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

HeeHee! I don't know you very well, but I thought it seemed a little drastic for you to just cut it off sunddenly! :) It does look cute though! Great joke!

In Him,
~Sarah H.

P.S. Great to see another post! I always enjoy them.

Mikaela said...

You definitely got me, Kelly! (Though you do look just as cute with short hair as you do with long.)

Holly said...

Heheh I like this blog post! Short hair DOES suit you though, maybe you should consider chopping it off like this for real! I did! ;)

Lauren said...

Good one! You fooled me! Now I want to see a "behind the scenes"--how did you get your hair to look so short?

it looks so cute on you though, Kelly! :)
Hope you're all doing well. We miss you!

Keilah said...

Wait- You DIDN'T cut it?! It looks so real!!! :-)
Miss you so much Kelly! It was so good for me to see your smiling face in these pictures today!

Anonymous said...

WOAH! you had me there! I couldn't believe that you would do it though... so did you photoshop or what??? :)

Kelly said...

You are right, I try not to be that impulsive! I've had hair disasters in the past, so I try to be careful what I do to my hair now.

Kelly said...

Thanks Mikaela,
My older sisters were about to have my head though!!! They wanted to have a three way conference call, just to be sure! I really fooled them. Tara was 99% sure that I didn't, but even if I fooled her the one percent, it was worth it! :-)

Kelly said...

Maybe someday, but not now! :-)

Kelly said...

Hi Lauren,
Lol! I folded it up half way and pinned it at the top...the head band helped hide the hair pins. All of what you see is real, no Photoshop! :-)

Kelly said...

Jennifer and Jaimee,
Now I look more like you girls! :-)
It was fun to try! We are doing well!
Hope you all are doing well too! Miss you all!

Kelly said...

Thanks Keilah,
Miss you too! Hope to see you soon!

Kelly said...

There was no Photoshop whatsoever! Just lots of pins and a headband!
It was lots of fun!

Jennifer said...

Dear Miss Kelly! My daughters thought this was very funny, but you got me really good!!!!!!!
I love your LOOOOOONNNNGGGG hair!!!
And now, I must know...who was your accomplice (a person who helps another in committing a crime!)?
Can't wait for your next post :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Good job!! The best joke I've ever fallen for!! =) =)


Oh my, I thought you really cut it.
It is super cute short though.

Sarah said...

Oh wow I really fell for it!!

Kelly said...

Thank you! I am glad that a few people still like my long hair!
I had no idea that the shorter hair would be such a hit!:-) I thought the way you worded your comment was cute.
My personal accomplice was Elizabeth, my younger sister. She took all of the pictures.

Kelly said...

I did manage to fool lots of people!
Even my own sisters fell for it!

Kelly said...

Angelica and Sarah,
Thanks! This was a fun trick to play!

Sarah said...

Oh by the way I love your long hair it's really pretty!!

Susannah! said...

Oh My!
That's was great!
How did you ever think of such a good joke!
That was too funny! =)
I enjoyed that, thanks <3
Sue! =D

Sarah Logan said...

I just really got almost all my hair chopped off for the first time.
It was about to my waist or longer - everyone loved it - but I wanted change - and got about 10 inches cut off - and then layered - it is very cute and I like it - but it was my first time - and so much - it was sad for a while. And i am 14!!!!
yours does look cute short!

Sarah Logan said...

It really looks real!!!

Shelby L'Rae said...

**blows breath**

Woo! You fooled me too! That beautiful, perfect, curly LONG hair! Ahhh!!!

I was ever so glad to read the "April Fools" at the end.

(Even though I have to admit - it *was* very pretty short. ;)

Tee hee. ^.^

Christ's blessings,

Lilla said...

Has Tara's baby come yet??? I cannot wait for news!!

Emily said...

O my goodness! I thought you really cut it off!!


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