His Reward


Tara ~ Carson is truly precious! We love seeing pics of you all. The Lord bless you as you seek to train Carson in His ways. Hope you're doing well, friend!
~Jaimee and Jennifer

Sarah said...

He's so cute!!

Lauren said...

How incredibly adorable! I am so looking forward to getting to hold him this weekend, and to seeing you, too! (-:

Anonymous said...

how precious! you are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!! Love the pictures!

Thanks for sharing them. Feel free to post more anytime! :)

~Sarah H.

Sarah Logan said...

He is very precious!!!! The fruit of the womb is truly His reward!!!!

Blessings as you strive so raise him the the word of the Lord and aim him in the right direction early on in life!!!

Terri Bonin said...

What a blessing!! Congratulations to you!! He is a beautiful baby!!

Thanks for sharing the photos! We were sad that we didn't get to see you all on the 4th! I'm glad you are doing so well and the Lord has blessed you with this precious boy!
~Sarah B

Christy said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a doll!! ;)
hes sooooo cute!!


Anonymous said...

How do you make those curls in your hair Tara? Its beautiful...when you have time I would love to know..:)

Anonymous said...

How do you make those curls in your hair Tara? Its beautiful...when you have time I would love to know..:)

Taylor said...

Hi Tara or Kelly,
I was wondering if you still use the Suave mousse in the turquoise can for curly hair. I haven't been able to find it anywhere anymore and wanted to know if you can tell me where I can buy it. If you can't find it either have you found something else that works, because I haven't?

I love seeing the pictures of your sweet family, Tara. I just had a six-month courtship and became engaged on July 4th! Your story has been such an encouragement to me!

Thank you so much!

May the Lord bless you and keep you, Taylor

What sweet pictures! Little Carson is growing so fast, it's amazing. I definitely see Riddell family traits in his tiny face. :) Thanks for sharing his preciousness across the miles! Can't wait to meet him one day.

terri bonin said...

Madeleine loved your daddy's workshop at the THSC conference. Sorry I missed you and your new bundle. She said y'all are beautiful!

Kourtney Ann said...

I want to thank you. I recently found your blog and have been very blessed by it. It exudes- what I would term- "a whiff of the sweetness of heaven" or the sweet presence of Jesus.
Your love for the Lord and for your family is so exident and such a blessing. It is so wonderful to see young, set-apart women of God.
If you would like you may visit my blog at www.usemyhands.blogspot.com
Thanks again!

A fellow sister in Christ

Kelly said...

Hello Taylor,
It is so good to hear from you.
I am highly disappointed that suave quit carrying my favorite mousse.:-( I have done some research however on good mousses for my curly hair and have found one that works well and is cheaper than most. It doesn't quite compare to the wonderful price and texture of suave. I have found Garnier Fructis Style, curl construct mousse, weightless curls & hold (Extra Strong) to be one that is not sticky, does not weigh down the curls and makes curly hair well defined. It is a bit more light and fluffy, compared to the thicker creamier texture of the discontinued suave mousse. B.T.W I have tried the new version of Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse and do not like it one bit. This is my recommendation for the time being, however I am still experimenting around. :-)
I hope this helps!
Also, I am very excited about this relationship that the Lord has led you to be in. I pray for God's continual guidance and blessing on the two of you through your engagement and eventual marriage. May you treasure every moment to the fullest and draw you both even closer to Himself and each other through this particular season of your life.

Tara said...

Dear Anon,
Carson sleeps a lot! At least long enough for me to use a large curling iron. My hair curls very easily because as is typical for our family, my hair is very wavy.
When you see it straight, I have ironed it flat which doesn't take long either. Blessings, Tara

Taylor said...

Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement and for getting back with me! I too tried Suave's new version of Curly Hair Mousse and was really disappointed with it. I haven't tried Garnier Fructis so I will do that. I've just been using the regular Nexxus mousse because it's the only one I found so far that seems to have the closest texture to the original Suave Professionals I was using before. Thank you very much for sharing all that information. I really appreciate it. It's definitely very helpful!

-- Taylor

~Miss Raquel said...

OH!!! So cute!!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to come and visit your blog :/ I know I haven't commented for a while!

Tara, you and Stephen are truly blessed!! I pray that God blesses you both with many more little ones.



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