Happy Birthday Stephen and Tara!

I decided to practice my drawing the other day. Thinking about what I should draw, I came across a picture of my adorable new nephew Carson. Being the cutie that he is made it really fun to study his little face and draw his adorable features.

I decided to post this as a birthday surprise for Stephen and Tara as both of their birthdays are in September!

I'm guessing they will like it, since it is a picture of their handsome little guy! :-)
I love you both and am grateful for your consistant example of living a life that is pleasing to our Lord. I am so gratfeful to the Lord for both of you and all of the special memories that we've made and have yet to make.
Happy Birthday to you both!!!
Love your sister,
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Keilah said...

AW! LOVELY, Kelly! I didn't know you could draw- how cool!

Sarah said...

That's a really good drawing Kelly!!
Happy birthday Stephen and Tara!

Susannah! said...

He is adorable!
Happy Birthday Stephen and Tara!
You're a great artist!

Kelly said...

Hello Keilah, Sarah and Susannah!
Thank you so much! I had so much fun on this project and am so taken with my sweet little nephew. I actually have drawn ever since I was little and see it as relaxation.If you all would like to see more of my work, then you can go to the archives and find August 5. There are some older drawings that I have done. May the Lord bless each of you!
Love, Kelly

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

Sarah H.


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