A Tribute to Sisters!

Autumn Greetings dear friends!  We have been away from home for a few weeks, enjoying a refreshing time up north, relishing  the cooler weather and the autumn beauty.
As we traveled back home, a cool front was blowing in, which made for the bumpiest flight we've ever taken but also kept the change in temperature from being quite such a shock!
I had a few things I'd like to share with you today. First, the picture above. It was taken shortly before Tara married by our sweet friend and excellent photographer, Sara Quinnett. Sara is not only very gifted in photography but also has exceptionally lovely curly hair! You can find her at   sarajanephotography.blogspot.com/
If only Kristen had been with us that day....:(

Also, if you would like some uplifting reading material, go to www.kingsbloomingrose.com/
The current issue is all about sister relationships! I was blessed to be given the opportunity to answer some interview questions about how we can invest in our sisters. Upon receiving the magazine, I was so encouraged to read all the other articles.  As a younger girl, you may not fully realize that you will know your sisters your entire life! God has given you that sister or sisters for a reason. I wish I had found this magazine sooner and I believe you will be very encouraged in the Lord by reading it. The great news is that the issues are only $2
and a year's subscription (four issues) is only $7.

While on this topic, I can't fail to mention the inspiring publication, Virtuous Daughters, written by our dear friends, Tiffany and Brittany Schlichter. In fact, they are authors of an excellent article in the sisters issue of  The King's Blooming Rose, about how the Lord has made them the best of friends (as Mary and Martha) despite their many differences. Virtuous Daughters is published each month for $7 per year payable to Virtuous Daughters 18842 Walding Road    Montgomery, TX 77356

Pray for and encourage your sisters this evening, while it is still today!


Cheri said...

Sisters are indeed a blessing! I treasure my three sisters and we are all very close in the same way that you ladies are. :)

The photo of you three is really lovely. Are all of you "curly girls" or do you ever use a curling or waving iron? I'm growing my hair out (almost to my waist now!) and I sometimes run out of feminine ideas on how to wear it other than in a simple bun or braid. Would you girls ever consider sharing what you like to do?

Blessings to each of you!


Sarah said...

Your new header is beautiful!

Kelly said...

Cheri, Thanks for sharing about your sisters!
Yes, we all have curly hair, though some have been known to straighten theirs! However in our hot, humid area, it tends to spring back!
Yes, we have thought about an article on hair and will be working on that!

Kelly said...

Sarah, the photo was taken in Kristen's yard when we were out playing with her chickens!

Sarah Lee said...

Sisters ARE such a blessing! You and your sisters have been such a sweet example of godly relationships, Kelly. May God be praised!

Thank you so much for sharing about this topic on KBR magazine - your article was such a blessing to me (and others!).

I agree, the Schlichter's article was also so encouraging and I love every issue of Virtuous Daughters magazine!

Your new header is cute. God bless you, Kristen, Tara, Kelly, and Elizabeth! 1 Peter 5:10

Susannah! said...

Beautiful Picture!
I love the header!
Thank you for this sweet post!

Kelly said...

Sarah Lee and Susannah,

All Glory to God!

Is your hair naturally curly?? could i get a perm to make it look like that?

Clan of 7 said...

Hello Kelly,
We enjoy following your blog and looking at all of your beautiful pictures!

We have a quick question. My sister is getting married in March and we are having a time trying to find modest bridesmaids dresses. We were wondering if you could give us the pattern number that your sister, Tara, used for her bridesmaids dresses. They were very beautiful! Thank you for any information that you can give us!

Kelly said...

Dear Miss Emily,
I do think a perm might work since people always ask us if we have permed our hair. However, I straightened my hair for years because I didn't like the curls! Just a thought...maybe you should just accept the beautiful hair God gave you and enjoy it straight!

Kelly said...

Kelsey, It is definitely worth the effort to create modest bridesmaids gowns. We used Vogue 2788.
We used view B without the train and raised the neckline and back. We used the sleeves from view A but lengthened them. Don't let the pattern intimidate you!
It isn't hard one step at a time!
I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Daughters of Vision,

I have just recently stumbled across your blog (quite by accident!), and started reading your previous posts. I've read them all now, and all that I can think to say is...WOW! It is so wonderful to know that there are like-minded sisters out there!! Your blog is a blessing, and I will continue to read it. I hope you do not mind that I have liked your website under the "links" page on my website. May God bless your writing!

Your Sister-in-Christ,
Elizabeth H.

Jennifer said...

Hi! Thank you for the post about sisters :) My sister has been my best friend for 30 years! I thank God for her. She is a blessing. And thanks for the info about the publications.
Two off topic questions: Can you share the name of the person who cuts your hair? My daughter has had long hair and would like to have bangs. We would be willing to drive to Houston for a good cut :)
Also, have you and/or Tara made a new cd lately?
Thanks so much, Mrs. Newsom

Jennifer said...

You should post the video of you and Tara singing "Sisters, Sisters" from Katelin's wedding! I loved it :)
Mrs. Newsom

Oh my goodness, yes. That picture of you girls is one of the most BEAUTIFUL I have ever seen.
Sara is AMAZING! I love her!
Blessings on you all!


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