Journey to the Nineteenth Century!

We woke up one warm, sunny morning recently and thought something felt quite different. Sure enough, something was different! We had been transported to 19th century England, in the time of Charles Dickens.

     We dressed as well as we could so we would fit in with the local people and headed off to the town square!    
First, we posed with Lexi by our Christmas tree. Our father and his friend chopped it down in our attic and moved it to the family room.

When we arrived, we began mingling with the townspeople. We enjoyed quite a few conversations.

We admired some of the other well dressed townspeople!

Even thought we tried our hardest to stay out of trouble, it appeared that the police were keeping a close eye on us, just in case!

We met some fine ladies and gentlemen, one with a newborn babe.

We decided to board the beautiful ship Elissa, which has just been built in 1877.

Here we are trying to determine if we should set sail.

After visiting the inside of the ship, we decided that we were not dressed appropriately for a long voyage, so we chose to move on.

Some small instrumentalists playing beautiful Christmas melodies.

Afterward, we stopped to see the gorgeous Christmas decor at a local hotel on the beach.

We enjoyed the warm, balmy ocean breeze before it was time to re-enter the modern day. 
May the Lord draw each of you ever closer to Himself this blessed Christmas season.


Jennifer said...

Y'all dresses are beautiful!!
That looks so much fun!
Merry Christmas!

Susannah! said...

Oh that sounds really fun!
Beautiful dresses!!!
Where did you get them???

Mikaela said...

Oh wow--so fun! Both of your dresses and hair are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Oops, my mom was signed in, that was me that posted the first comment!

Lillibeth said...

What a fun day to wake up to! Beautiful post!

Carolina said...

Those dresses are beautiful! They remind me of some old fashion dresses we bought at estate sale. Did you make them? :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Jennifer and Merry Christmas to you!

Kelly said...

The green dress used to be mine.
Kristen made it a long time ago.
We took a few tucks, repaired a tear and it was all set for Elizabeth.
Kristen made the bonnet too!
I borrowed my dress from Kristen.
She found it long ago at a resale shop and made the bonnet to match.
A woman at the festival told us that she wore the same dress a few years ago as a bridesmaid in a wedding.

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Mikaela!
We met lots of women who wanted to know how we keep Elizabeth's hair curly especially in the warm,humid air. We all know the trick is to start with hair that HAS to curl!

Kelly said...

Sarah, Thanks for letting us know!
Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Lillibeth, Another day we woke up and we were out on the prairie in "Little House" days! We'll post about that soon!

Kelly said...

Carolina, See the answer above!
I wish we could see your dresses.
Finding a dress at an estate sale would be wonderful!

Oh my goodness gracious!! How fun is this? Thank you for sharing!

Laura said...

LOVE it!! :-D

Keligh said...

The dresses are gorgeous! Actually I really like your whole blog, I found it by accident while I was searching for a blog I regularly read,

Since those sites have such similar names I clicked on yours by mistake! Actually, you or some of your readers might like that blog too, because it seems that you and the author of that blog have similar beliefs :)

Susannah! said...

Oh thank you for answering my comment! She must be a great seamstress!!!

Alexandra! said...

Those are beautiful!
I love old-fashioned dresses! :)
What was the festival for?

Kelly said...

Thank you so much Keilah! Yes it was a lot of fun! I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas! Hugs to you!

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Laura! Hope that you are doing well!

Kelly said...

Thank you so much Alexandra!
I do too! They are always so much fun to wear! The Festival was a Christmas celebration to celebrate Charles Dickens. Merry Christmas and God bless!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!! :D I would love to do something like that. Your dresses are so lovely and feminine! Merry Christmas :)

Kelly said...

Thank you so much. That does look like an excellent blog!

Maisano said...

You are so beautiful! Great place for Journey.


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