A Blessed Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful and sacred service at our church on Christmas Eve. Since we took pictures of our family, it appears we were the only ones there! Actually there were many families.
Elizabeth and her sweet friend sang a medley of Joy to the World and How Great Our Joy.

Tara was right at home where she is most comfortable, at the piano!

Reuben had some very touching thoughts to share about the Christ child.

The children were precious as they sang "Away in a Manger".

Stephen also had many thoughts to share at this blessed time.

Our song leader (dad) led many beautiful carols.

Our family group sang " Oh Come All ye Children", with a children's solo at the beginning.


This shot should have come first! While we were getting everything ready, dad was watching over the grandsons and adoptive grandson! What a wonderful evening it was!
We thank and praise our God for His gift to us.

Next time, we will unveil the Christmas desserts and find out how we placed in the contest!!


Ahh!! What a cute picture that last one is!!!

Sarah said...

Oh how fun I wish I could have been there!

Susannah! said...

Beautiful pictures!
What church are y'all at?

Lauren said...

I love our Christmas Eve Service, and yours looks just as rejuvenating and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Love you guys!!!!
Aunt Hannah


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