Christmas Catch-up

I know Christmas has come and gone but we were way too busy living it to post at the time, so I hope all of you friends and relatives don't mind a few catch-up posts. Our family has grown since the old days when the six of us fit around the table just perfectly. We are very thankful for all the additions!

Here is the overflow table right in the next room. I heard it was a great time for the oldest and youngest sisters to catch up. By the way, Elizabeth made the little girl's skirts for their Christmas gifts.

Our Christmas dinner! Kristen made the stockings which held the silverware by cutting up an old sweater!

We were blessed to have our cousin Lindsay join us for the weekend.

Also, joining us was Stephen's sister, husband and son. Also,you might notice she was looking forward to their newest son who was born less than 3 weeks later!

Tara, very happy in her new role as wife and mother!

Me, enjoying holding my youngest nephew!
We enjoyed a wonderful time celebrating Christ with all the family in.
We celebrated an especially worshipful Christmas Eve service.
Also, this year we had a baking contest to see which of the sisters could create the best gluten-free, dairy-free dessert! Who do you think won? :)  I hope to show you pictures of these activities soon!
Hope all of you had a memorable and Christ-centered Christmas.


Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the next post!

Lauren said...

I love your photos! And that's wonderful that Annalise could be there! I'm so excited to hear about her baby!

Mikaela said...

Christmas with family is so precious!

Susannah! said...

Carson is So Cute!
I can't wait to see the Desserts y'all made!

Rachel said...

Please share the recipe when you do post on the desserts! Three members of our family, including me, are having to transition into eating gluten-free and are trying to broaden our collection of GF recipes.
Here's a link to a GF recipe that we have enjoyed. If you haven't made them before, give it a try. They are yummy!

Jacqueline said...

Looks like you all had a very wonderful celebration! I can't believe how Carson looks so much like Aaron! I'm so happy for all of you that you were able to spend the best season of all together.
Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year.
Lots of love,
Jacqueline <3

Awww.... what a wonderful post!! :)
Hm... I wonder who won! I wouldn't dare guess. But, if one of you made the gluten free brownie recipe I sent y'all a while back, then that person should have won! :)


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