There's Always Room for Dessert!

Finally, we have found the time to report about the First Great Christmas Dessert Competition!
First, we had to eat a great big breakfast (so we wouldn't eat all our desserts while cooking them)! :)

Finishing breakfast, the younger girls prepared to head outside to sweep the porch..

But first, this choo-choo train came running by right through the kitchen, keeping the baby very happy!

Now the younger girls moved on to sweep the porch. Unfortunately, when you live so far south, autumn arrives on the same date as Christmas.

With the sweeping sort of done (there will always be more leaves falling, so it is rather hopeless),
they came back inside and the baking began!

What fun we had in the kitchen with all our teams hard at work. And what a huge mess was made by all. It looks like we didn't take any pictures along the way, since we were all too busy with the actual work.
But now, here we were...ready for the judging to begin.

Oh, it looks as though we have some other family members that wanted to be in the picture!
By the way, the desserts did not HAVE to be chocolate. I'm guessing that we all knew that in our family a non-chocolate entry wouldn't stand a good chance of winning!

Here is our brave and very happy judge, holding the coffee that will cleanse his palate between tastings so that all is done properly and fairly with justice for all.

Here he is, digging into the first entry, which is Kristen's Decadent Christmas Brownies. Her special touch was edible glitter which she found at Michaels. It added a very elegant presentation to the modest brownie! The star is a mixture of coconut oil and chocolate which creates a magic shell when it is chilled.

The judge takes copious notes for careful consideration.

Next he digs into Kelly's delectable delicacy, Chocolate Raspberry Torte which she found in a gluten-free magazine. We already know that Kelly's wins for the longest time to make since it took almost forever. When everyone else was finished and playing games, Kelly was still working and working and working some more.
But was it worth it? Definitely! She should also be noted for the largest dessert!

Next we have Tara's fabulous peppermint patties which I believe she found at  They are ridiculously good and could almost be considered healthful. Stephen and Tara were seen running from the freezer and warming them with a blow-dryer, which I think is somewhat suspicious, but we will leave it to them to explain their actions. Anything to win, I suppose. :)   We also have a report of S.C., caught trying to hide Kelly's cake, peering over shoulders for garnishing ideas and swiping tastes from the competition! I'm beginning to wonder if some entries should be disqualified.
But it was Christmas, after all, so I suppose all is forgiven (but not forgotten) :)

Now it was time to try out Elizabeth's Chocolate Cream Pie. She found the recipe at  It was simply amazing. Her advice would be to always read your recipe ahead, because if you didn't know to chill your coconut milk ahead of time, it is a little late to do it when you need to use it. This pie is standing alone without it's whipped topping for that very reason but you can see that it stands alone very well and we never missed it.

Our judge exclaims in total ecstasy! He promises us that all four desserts were truly fabulous! Now wasn't our judge wise? It appears that we have four winners! (I noticed you'all couldn't choose either. :)  So  here are the final results.
 Kristen's brownies won the "Most Festive"award,          Kelly's cake  (or possibly "Kelly's Kake"?) won for "Most Creative",       Tara's mints won the "Most Minty" award, and    Elizabeth's pie won the "Best Chocolate" award!    Now it was time for all the contestants and extended family members to join in the tasting! I think this is something we would definitely do again, providing all the fun of family working together and providing all the desserts we needed for the holiday.
May God bless and keep you tonight and enjoy the Lord and your precious families tomorrow!


Susannah! said...

Oh! They look delicious!!!
And really pretty!

Oh my goodness, how fun!! I love that first picture of your dad- he looked pretty happy!

Lauren said...

What a wonderful idea! Those desserts look decadent! I can just hear my dad saying, "Oh, I think I need another bite to tell if it's good or not..." as he always does! (-:

Mikaela said...

Wow! Such lovely and creative desserts by all. I am greatly looking forward to trying the cake and pie--delicious, chocolate, and gluten-free are winners around here!

Kelly, did you write this post? It was hilarious--I very much appreciated the dry humor sprinkled throughout. ;-)

Carolina said...

My family, particularly my sister, have many recipes from Elana's Pantry!Is there somebody gluten-free in the family. The desserts look yummy! :)

What fun!! All the desserts looked delicious! We wish we could have been there. ;)

Maldenado said...

Great food!


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