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The Lord has led me lately to work on being more diligent in the things I do. I have found that it helps to get to bed really early and wake up really early too. I am learning so much every day with schoolwork, activities, ministries and projects. I decided to go out, practice and try to improve my photography skills.

Photography has always been an interest of mine so I decided to make today the day to try and excel more in this area.

 Kelly was a willing subject and we headed into the beautiful hot spring day.

It was great fun to look for new spots around our property and it was a challenge to have the right lighting.
The sun kept changing, but it was a great exercise.

My dad and Kelly both enjoy photography and I want to follow in their path and learn what they know about it.

You can make a photo shoot into a memorable experience, enjoying time with loved ones.

 I have been enjoying being on this more focused schedule.

Kelly always used to use me as her subject and now that I am older and can use the camera better she is now mine. :-)

I hope that I will encourage each of you to make it a priority in your life to be dedicated in your work, take hold of the precious moments and treasure each day that God gives to each of you on this earth. 

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my photos!
Blessings to each of you,
Elizabeth Joy
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Catherine said...

What lovely photos! Maybe you could write something for us on diligence - That's something I know I have difficulty with. :)

Susannah! said...

I love photography too!
I love the last photo a lot! :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos Elizabeth!
I really like the one of Kelly sitting on the swing and holding the bouquet out!
I love photography too!

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos Elizabeth!
I really like the one of Kelly sitting on the swing and holding the bouquet out!
I love photography too!

Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing what the Lord has been teaching you! This applies to me as well, and I agree that when I go to bed early and rise early, I am much more diligent!

You are already an incredible photographer, Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos and the encouragement. The LORD bless you!
~The H. Sisters

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful, Elizabeth! :)

Elizabeth, these are simply beautiful! I have been encouraged and inspired by this post. Thank you very much.

Sarah Lee said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us! Your encouragement to use our time wisely is so good - in every season we are in life, the Lord wants us to remember to use every moment for His glory. I need that reminder! Your photography is wonderful and I look forward to seeing your skills deepen as the years go by!
In Christ,
Ex 33:14

Tara said...

Dear Sweet Elizabeth,

Thank you for this encouaraging post! You are getting to be a REALLY GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER! WOW!!! Good job Sister! Keep up the great work! I prayed for you this morning as you are starting your new schedule. May the Lord give you the stregnth you need to continue! I love you...Tara

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Remember the beauties of life come from the Everlasting arms under and overneath...the beauty we possess individually, and objects of beauty we take delight in capturing and perserving come from Him~
He is the greatest beauty of them all,
A sister in Christ

Elizabeth said...

Catherine, Diligence, yes that's something I have difficulty
With too! But I would love to write something about what I learn!

Elizabeth said...

Susannah and Sarah,
It seems like lots of people love photography now!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, we have had some busy days lately and I am reminded that I need to keep it up!

Elizabeth said...

Dear H. Sisters,
God bless all of you!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Elizabeth, Shelby and Sarah Lee,
Thanks to all of you!

Elizabeth said...

Dearest Tara,
Thanks for being such a terrific big sis!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Anon,

Jesus IS beautiful!


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