Tara's Garden

Planting my seeds and recording their location in my gardening journal.

It's important to make sure your seeds are planted at the correct depth.

Enjoying the beautiful sunset as I garden!

My sweet Mother-In Law helping me plant our potatoes!  Thanks Mom!

Having Fun!

and...here they are!!!!!!!!!

here they are even bigger!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)


Mikaela said...

I love your sweet smile!

Aren't raised beds fantastic? We converted our garden to mostly raised beds a few years ago, and have loved the results. Ours aren't nearly as tall as yours though--yours look even easier on the back and knees. ;-)

Your garden looks wonderful! How sweet of Stephen to set those up for you. We loved all the pictures! Thank you for such a lovely post. We look forward to talking to you soon.

Susannah! said...

Wow, seems to be going great! =)

Mom said...

Is that the new house Stephen built for you in the background?

Shiloh said...

Those look incredible!

Maisano said...

Really great garden, very nice place.


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