Christmas in July!!!

I have never thrown a Christmas in July party before, however this year we had some friends coming over for another reason anyway, so I decided on a last minute party!

If you've never heard of Christmas in July, then you should start noticing all of the Christmas in July sales in the stores and ads that come in your email box!

I pulled out a very few moderate decorations, a Christmas CD, made some hot chocolate, and decorated some cookies. Only these cookies are actually not cookies, they are completely guilt free cookies that are healthy!!! (Except for the sprinkles)...oh well! :-)
Scroll down for the recipe, they are truly amazing!!!

I'm afraid that I should have made cold chocolate milk or served lemonade instead.
It was quite a hot day and I think that it would have been much more refreshing!
However, we did turn down the AC to make it more bearable.

Having a Christmas party made me start getting in the mood for the special time of year that we celebrate our dear Savior's birth and all of the warm and magical moments that come with the Christmas season.

Our summer has been very busy. We are also looking forward to the birth of Stephen and Tara's new baby in about a month!
I thought it would be fun to take a poll for any of you who want to vote as to whether you think they are having a boy or a girl. I am guessing girl, however I am always wrong! :)
I do have a 50-50 chance, so one of these days I am bound to be right, you would think!!! :-)

These are actually supposed to be Oreo Cookies but since it was Christmas in July I just used the cookie part without the filling. I will go ahead and give you the No-Bake Oreo Cookie recipe that we found here...
I hope that you try these...they are truly amazing!!! They are gluten, egg and dairy free. Don't go near them if you have a nut allergy!  I have made them quite often and they are so popular they just vanish!

I pray that your Summer is filled with many blessings!
Merry more than half way till Christmas y'all!
~Kelly Anne
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Thats so much fun!! umm... those cookies sound Yummy!
Blessings, ~Krista

Mikaela said...

What a great idea! Who knows...celebrating Christmas in July could help you cool down a little. =)

I am so excited for Stephen and Tara as well and look forward to a new baby to cuddle and love.

Susannah! said...

So fun!! The cookies look delish! I can hardly wait until Tara and Stephen's baby arrives!

Susannah! said...

I think it's a girl by the way! I can't wait to find out!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! It looks like you do a lot of reading.
Your beads are beautiful. Too bad we have too much jewelry already!

Elizabeth said...

Oops, that last comment was for Krista!

Kelly said...

Well, it worked for a short time anyway!
However, the worst is ahead! (August!)

Kelly said...

Yes! Another vote for a girl!

Anonymous said...

I vote BOY


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it's a girl, but I have a feeling it's another boy....does that mean both sides get half of a vote? ;)

Your party looks like so much fun! What a wonderful idea!

-Noelle :)

We're guessing that she'll have another boy, since she wants 10 sons. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow does she really want 10 sons? Ill pray for many blessings then ;)


Anonymous said...

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