A Birthday Blessing!

Yesterday we celebrated Tara's birthday! What a special trip it has been, not only coming for the baby's birth but also being able to be with Tara on her birthday for the first time since she was married.
We enjoyed a very special day together!

Stephen decided to take the day off from work so that we could celebrate!
We fixed Tara breakfast in bed, played games, had rich fellowship, gave Tara her birthday presents and then decided to head into town for a special birthday dinner!

Little did we know that some surprise visitors were planning to meet us there unannounced!!!
What a blessed ending to a very special day..fellowshipping with united family!
Tara shared with all of us her highlights from the year and what she had learned.
Happy birthday Tara! I am so grateful for you and your life. I am so blessed to have you as my sister and am looking forward to seeing you and Stephen become parents of two!
Still anxiously waiting for baby #2!!!
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Keilah Engstrom said...

Oh... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Tara!! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tara!!

Susannah! said...

Happy Birthday Tara!!!
What a fun day!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Tara! You look beautiful. I am praying for you.
Waiting for the 2nd, especially when the 1st baby came early is so hard! So glad your family is there with you to keep you busy and encourage and help you. Thanks for keeping us posted Kelly! In His love, Mrs. Newsom

Happy birthday, Tara! We are so glad you had a special birthday. We are anxiously awaiting news! :)

We love you!
~The Hahner Ladies

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tara!

Im also expecting and was considering a homebirth. Since you would have had two homebirths, is it possible to do a informative blog post on it? Did you have assisted homebirth with midwife or not?

If its ok id love to hear from someone who has experienced it!

God Bless


What wonderful updates! Thanks so much for keeping us posted! Still no baby??

Y'all are often in our thoughts....thankful for all of you!

A special happy birthday to Tara!

With love,
Kate for us all

Teboho said...

Happy Birthday Tara. May the good God bless you more in everything you do. I really love this blog, it inspires me alot on my christian walk.

Kelly, you are such an encouragement to us young girls who are not yet married. i always visit this blog. I live in South Africa. Just have one question for you, how can i contact you guys, maybe by email? because i would really like to some guidance.
From Teboho

Kelly said...

Hello! Greetings to you Teboho,

I am blessed to know that the Lord has used us and our blog to be an encouragement to you. Thank you for your kind words. If you would like to give us your email here in the comments (and we won't publish it) then we would be happy to write you back. May the Lord richly bless you in all that you do.

Blessings to you,

Tara said...

Well, we're STILL waiting (but confident the Lord knows) so I can't discuss having two homebirths just yet! Yes, I have a wonderful midwife who is very experienced. My last birth went very well but was very long. We are praying that this labor will be shorter!
I look forward to writing a post about homebirth sometime after the birth of our precious baby. God's blessings on your baby also.

Steffie said...

Happy BDay Tara !! Congratulations also on your baby ! She's beautiful !!

Kelly, would you agree on telling us how does Tara curl her hair ? I find it extremely beautiful ! Does she use an iron or something else ?


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