A Photoshoot With My New Niece!

I took sweet little Christiana on a photoshoot today!
It was a blast and such fun taking pictures of such a precious sleeping newborn.
Here is the very happy, beautiful mama and her little girl!
I thought that I would share some of the pictures with you all!
I am one blessed Aunt!
Blessings, Kelly

Before and...


Here is the happy daddy the day that she was born and he finally got to hold and meet his daughter.
I love you sweet Christiana and am very thankful that I was able to be here to see you come into this world!
More pictures coming soon...


What beautiful pictures! How fun!! ~Krista K.


Adorable photos, Kelly! We love all the cute and creative photos! What a precious little girl-- it must be such fun to be an auntie! :)

Tara, you look wonderful!!! And what a beautiful baby! We are so happy for you and Stephen-- we praise the Lord for a safe delivery and healthy baby. We hope that we can meet her sometime soon!

Much love to you all,

The Hahner Girls

P.S. We would love to set up a date to talk sometime!

Mikaela said...

Those poses are so creative, Kelly! You showed off Christiana's precious features so well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOVELY photos! Would love to hear Taras birth story or stories even!


Steffie said...

Woow Kellie !
Wonderful pictures, Christiana just looks like her mommy, may the Lord bless them all ! Rejoicing with you Tara !!

Kelly, I love the picture # 4 !! And the before/after as well ! So creative ! God bless you !

Sarah said...

I love the pictures Kelly!!
Especially the before and after pictures!

Susannah! said...

Wonderful Pictures!
She is so sweet!
I can't wait to see the other pictures!

What an adorable little girl in such adorable pictures! Kelly, you did a wonderful job! I can't get over the fact that Christiana has such reddish features to her hair!!! Where does that come from? :)
Tara, I'm sure you're thrilled to have a daughter now, too! So happy for you! And I love the name. ;)

Lovely photos, Kelly! And the baby is so cute! I really like the before and after pictures.


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