A Wrapped Up Christmas!

Hello everyone! We praise the Lord for a wonderful blessed Christmas season as well as a bright beginning to the new year 2013.

Late December, before Christmas, our dad decided to surprise us with a special Christmas outing.
We were able to get all dressed up and enjoy a delicious dinner out and a beautiful Christmas musical performance.

Lexi is doing very well and getting more and more easy to live with as days go by.
She is already 2 and 1/2.

We were blessed once again by our Christmas eve candlelight service at our church.

Joseph gave a very rich talk based on the hymn, "Who is He in yonder stall?"

I sang "Mary did you know?" and Elizabeth agreed to portray Mary for me.
She acted out Mary as she held (Jesus) a baby doll.
When I would sing a phrase such as "When you kiss your little baby, you've kissed the face of God"
then she leaned down and kissed the baby on the head. It was very, very touching and gave the song a real new meaning.

Our beautiful Christmas tree...

and delicious, festive and fun Christmas breakfast! I got these ideas off of Pinterest.

For Christmas we gave my dad a really fun gift. Can you guess what is inside?

You guessed it, a Red Ryder B.B gun!!! :-)

He was very surprised and was a willing sport to go out for a family competition.

Yes, even mom participated and joined in the fun!

Here I am shooting and knocking over 3 metal cans stacked up.

Way to go Lizzy!

Christiana came to see us for Thanksgiving and I just thought that I would add a couple of pictures of her to show you all how she is growing. By the way, I am in love with the red hair. This is new in the family but oh so pretty!

Lizzy is in love with her new little niece. Can you believe that this is the age that I was when Lizzy was born? I looked just like her and she looked just like Christiana, only with brown hair.

Where does time go?
James 4:14
"What is your life? It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time and then vanishes away."
Blessings on this new year.
~Kelly Anne


Sarah said...

Happy New year Kelly!
Did y'all make the dresses in the top picture?
They are really beautiful!!
What musical performance did y'all see?
Christiana is SO cute!

What a delightful and fun post, Kelly! It made us smile and laugh. :) Thanks for all the great pictures-- we love hearing updates and seeing recent photos of you all! What fun to see Elizabeth and Christiana about the same age as you and Elizabeth were. How precious! Thank you for sharing! Hugs and blessings to you!
~Dani, Amanda and Emily

Kelly said...

Hello Sarah,
Happy New Year to you as well!
No, we didn't make the dresses that we are wearing in the top picture.
However, we did find them for two amazing deals at a local thrift store near us! It's always such fun to find quality items for inexpensive prices!
It was a worshipful performance of beautiful Christmas carols.

Kelly said...

Dear Dani, Amanda and Emily,
Hello dear friends!
It was so good to hear from y'all!
Love to each of you! Happy New Year!

Susannah! said...

Your dresses are so pretty!
Lexi is so cute!
And Christiana is adorable!
Can't wait to see your next post!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! I love that you gave your dad a BB gun--the look on his face tells it all! And I love Christiana's red hair, too. I'm glad it hasn't faded as she's gotten older!

Kelly said...


You are so sweet.
Blessings to you!

Kelly said...


Yes, my dad has enjoyed it immensely!
I LOVE little Christiana's red hair too and am also VERY glad that it has stayed red. She is a little Anne Shirley. :-)
Blessings to you!

bubbles said...

What beautiful dresses!!! Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. God Bless!

Oh, I loved reading your update!! And your dresses are so pretty! Did you make them?

Christiana is so cute with the red hair!


Kelly said...


May the Lord our Savior richly bless you too!

Kelly said...


Thank you! We got them at a local thrift store. They just happened to both be the right sizes! It was so nice to hear from you! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos, I hope you have a wonderful new year! I would like to ask you if all of you have naturally curly and if not how do you create those beautiful curls??

Kelly said...

Hello Anonymous,

Actually, all four of us sisters have naturally curly hair. Although it does range from wavy to really curly. I take care of mine by keeping it hydrated. I style it with mousse and then dry it with a diffuser attached to the hairdryer to keep my hair from frizzing.
Thanks for stopping by and may God bless you richly!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Kelly! I always enjoy seeing pictures of you and your family! Both dresses are lovely! Thrift stores are delightful places! :)
Christiana's hair is beautiful! I am also fond of Anne, and used to wish very much that God would somehow make my hair "a lovely auburn". Needless to say He did not. But, He did make me appreciate the color that it is!
Blessings to you!

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by Ashley!

Jason P said...

Hi, do you all have any contact information? I am doing some research on courting and would love to speak with someone who is living it like you all are. Thanks!

Jason P said...

Hi, I am doing a project on Courting and was hoping to speak to you all about what you are doing. I love your blog. Do you have any kind of contact email? Thanks!

Kelly said...

Jason P,

Thanks for your encouraging words.
If you would like to leave your contact information then my dad can get back with you in regard to what you are requesting.
We will not publish your contact info.

Thanks and God bless,


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