Washington on the Brazos

Life has been moving along for us, as busy as ever. When you've been gone from the blog for so long what do you post about? Well, we came across some pictures from our trip to Washington on the Brazos that we thought we'd share.
This is the exact spot along the Brazos river where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed on March 2, 1836.

Would you believe that we visited at the beginning of February in order to beat the heat?
The weather was beautiful, sunny and cool.

I practiced balancing cotton in a basket on my head just in case I ever need this skill.

Resting after a long, long walk to see the famous La Bahia pecan tree which is believed to have been a seedling when all these events took place around 1830. (We took a wrong turn and so it was a really,really long walk!)
The tree's nearest relative lives 900 miles away in Mexico, so the seed must have traveled up the La Bahia road long ago.

Elizabeth, brushing up on her laundry skills just in case our washer ever goes out on us!

This was the home of Dr. Anson Jones, the last president of the Republic of Texas.
He lived here with his wife and four children.

We practiced some of the games of that time and found out they are a lot of fun!
This game is called Graces.

Here is one of the bedrooms. The curtains were typically nailed to the wall in pretty little pleats,
making it easy to change them out from the heavy winter drapes.

Another game involved keeping the hoop rolling.
Elizabeth has the energy and coordination to keep it rolling!

We enjoyed a long talk with this young lady. She is very knowledgeable
and lives daily at the house working in all the same ways as the family would have in 1830.

There wasn't much sign of winter this year so the flowers were blooming already.
We were tired out as we headed home but enjoyed a meaningful day reliving part of our state and country's history.
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It looks like you had a lot of fun! We liked the picture of you balancing the cotton basket on your head! :) Thank you for sharing!
~The H. Sisters

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly!
I was very happy to see a new post! Thank you for sharing with us all! I really enjoy museums and most anything historical,so I also very much appreciated all of those pictures. It is neat that you were able to actually do some of the period tasks and games! Bravo for the basket ballancing! How far were you able to walk, before it fell off? (Just teasing!:)
I was wondering if you have any recent pictures of Tara, Stephen, Carson and Christiana that you could share?

Susannah! said...

Thanks for the update!
That looks like a fun place!
Looking forward to the next post!

Hello Kelly,

We really enjoyed seeing the new post! What fun pictures. It looks like Elizabeth had a lot of fun.

We also loved the picture of you balancing the basket on your head. :)

Will we be seeing you at the conference this year?

~The H. Ladies

Lovely new header photo, ladies! Thank you so much for your blog- it is a great encouragement to us!
Love you all!
~Dani, Amanda and Emily


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