Embracing Purity

Hello Daughters of Vision!

I wanted to let you know that I wrote an article on purity for Loving The Lord Ministries and it will be published today! I hope and pray that the Lord will use this article to encourage and strengthen you in your walk of purity!

Click on this link: beautifultogod.blogspot.com

May The Lord richly bless your day!



Sarah Lee said...

Thank you so much, dear Tara, for taking time to write this encouraging article. You have been a beautiful example for young ladies in many areas, and your story of purity has been a privilege to see unfold. Reading your exhortation to young ladies and how you fought the battle of purity (and continue to do so, even as a wife now) is really a blessing. Thank you so much. It is wonderful to see God's hand working in your life and blessing you with a sweet little growing family of your own now!

Tara said...

Dear Sarah,
It was a JOY to write this article on purity and it brings joy to my heart to hear that it blessed you! Purity is so important!
Sarah, thank you for the encouragement that you have been to so many girls! God has given you a powerful testimony and a rich ministry! Keep up the great work in the Lord's strength!


Tara, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this wonderful subject, your heart and your story. It was full of encouragement and wisdom. Your beautiful example is an inspiration to us.
We will greatly miss you at the Blueberry Festival. :( Seeing you is always one of the highlights of our trip there.
We love you dearly!
~Dani, Amanda and Emily

Tara said...

Dear Dani, Amanda and Emily,

Thank you so much for your encouargaing comment! You all are very kind and know that you have been a real encouaragment to me as well!

I'll miss you too!


Justine said...

Thank you so much for writing this.
It has given me some very real things to think through.
I wish more older girls would give more advice and their life experiences to us younger ones. I think we would really benefit and it would help us a lot. But thanks again

Tara said...

Dear Justine,
I'm glad you were encouraged and challenged by the article. I would encourage you to talk to The Lord and to your parents about these things. Your parents have been given by God to you as a protection! Thank you for your edifying comment!

I would be interested to know if there are any other topics that you would find encouraging for me/my sisters/mother to write on? As a busy wife and mother my time is limited, but it would help me know for the future! Thanks!

stacy said...

I enjoy reading your articles and blog entries. You all are very sweet and encouraging. May God bless you each day.


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